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Are You Degreed in Lifelong Learning?

I’m on a little bit more of a resource kick than usual lately. (See my previous post on EduPunk lifelong learning resources.) That will likely taper off soon, but in the meantime, I’m surprised

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EduPunk Lifelong Learning Resources

This site has disappeared since I published this post, but you can download the EduPunk Guide PDF here and a plain-text ereader version here. Jeff

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Free online courses keep getting easier to find and manage

Looking for a way to find free online courses and track your progress in them? OnlineCourses.com may be just the ticket. The site provides a searchable online data base that aggregates open courseware

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Are You Ready for Digital Civilization?

A student at Brigham Young University e-mailed to alert me to an event her Digital Civilization class will be presenting on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, from 7-8:30 PM MDT. The event will feature students

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Want some community to go with those great courses?

I’ve been a fan of The Great Courses from The Teaching Company for quite some time. In fact, I mentioned to my wife just recently that it would be interesting to put together some sort of discussion

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A Treasure Trove of Free Documentaries

Ever wonder what it takes to make a samurai sword? Or what the heck the Salton Sea is? Or what it might take to end poverty? Check out Documentary.net for a wealth of documentary footage on these and a

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A wealth of well-organized, free learning

I heard recently from the folks over at Online College Classes, and after taking a look at their site, thought it was worth mentioning here. They have done a good job aggregating a lot of open educational

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Stepping into the River of Philosophy

There is stability in change, unity in opposition. That’s my sole, indirect comment on the elections under way in the U.S. right now. Well, one other: Don’t believe everything you think. I

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