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Ready to jump the curve on your lifelong learning journey?

I’ve had the experience before in life – as I am sure you have – of becoming absorbed in a new skill or topic, learning a tremendous amount, but then hitting a plateau at some point

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7 Reasons to Memorize Some Poetry

In my earlier years, I spent a fair amount of time in Russia and had the opportunity to attend various dinners and other social gatherings. Maybe it was just the company I was keeping, but I remember

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How to Declutter Your Digital Life

These days, many of us operate in parallel with a digital “self.” Be it through avatars, productivity apps, fitness trackers, entertainment systems, or other gadgetry, we each maintain our own little

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Note-taking for Lifelong Learning

I suspect that note-taking – the simple act of writing down and elaborating upon key points from what we experience – is one of the most under-appreciated and under-utilized practices of effective

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The Importance of Play for Adults

Not only is the importance of play for adults often unappreciated, the act of playing often gets a bad rap. Either it’s the stuff of childhood: an activity seen as infantile, meaningless, or even a

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3 Famous Thought Experiments, or The Art of Counterfactuals

While “Gedankenexperiment” (literally “thought experiment”) was a term initially coined by the 19th century Danish physicist and chemist Hans Christian Ørsted, many claim that the common mental

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10+ Educational Gift Ideas for the Lifelong Learners in Your Life

Whether for a holiday or a birthday, most of us have to come up with gifts to give at multiple times throughout the year. As you might guess, my bias is to give gifts with some educational value to them.

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For creative problem solving, bust these 6 perceptual blocks

Often one of the main barriers to solving a problem is an inability to see the problem in a way that is likely to spark solutions. A source I return to again and again to help me with creative problem

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