Want some community to go with those great courses?

Teaching Company's Great Courses at TTC University

I’ve been a fan of The Great Courses from The Teaching Company for quite some time. In fact, I mentioned to my wife just recently that it would be interesting to put together some sort of discussion group around the courses I’ve taken so far. Then, serendipitously, I received an e-mail from Mission to Learn reader Dan Egbert about a new site he has started to help Great Courses students connect.

TTC University is a fledgling effort, so you won’t find it overflowing with discussion just yet. But hey, that’s why I’m writing this post – you have to start somewhere, and I figured if I am looking for this sort of thing then there are probably readers out there looking for it as well. If you are a Great Courses fan, I encourage you to visit TTC University. It’s free, and from what I have seen so far, it seems to be very nicely done.

If you aren’t familiar with the Great Courses, they are well worth checking out. I recently completed How We Learn, which was excellent, and am currently working my way through Memory and the Human Lifespan and  How to Listen to and Understand Great Music.

Are you a Great Courses fan (or not)? Got any favorites? Please comment and share.


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