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Are You Degreed in Lifelong Learning?

I’m on a little bit more of a resource kick than usual lately. (See my previous post on EduPunk lifelong learning resources.) That will likely taper off soon, but in the meantime, I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed this one a lot sooner.

Degreed describes itself as a free service that scores and validates your lifelong education from both accredited (i.e. Harvard) and non-accredited (i.e. iTunesU, Lynda.com, Khan Academy, etc.) sources. In addition to this service, the company’s site provides some nice resources, like like an organized listing of more than 500 free learning sources.

Scroll down the home page and you will see that lifelong learners are one of the specific audiences the company aims to serve. If you happen to have signed-up or have heard anything good or bad about the service, please comment and share. (And, of course, comments 0n the overall concept or anything else are also welcome.


P.S. – You may also want to check out the company’s blog: Think Massively. See, for example, a recent post on Introductory Courses to MBAs: Getting Credit for MOOCs.

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