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I heard recently from the folks over at Online College Classes, and after taking a look at their site, thought it was worth mentioning here. They have done a good job aggregating a lot of open educational resources across the Web – from course materials, to videos, to podcasts, to textbooks. It’s already a very valuable resource for finding free online education and I imagine it will only get better over time.

My only quibble is that they are calling this “College Classes.” I am sure that is purely for search engine optimization – a lot of people search on the term “online college classes” – but still, there is no reason any of this has to have anything to do with either college or traditional classes. (Go on, take a minute and imagine there’s no classes.)

Nonetheless, it’s a great resource worth bookmarking.


2 thoughts on “A wealth of well-organized, free learning”

  1. David – Many thanks for commenting + glad you found it useful. Couldn’t agree more that “information synthesis and distillation are critical.” – Jeff

  2. That was a great link to share – I am already reviewing an MIT class in data mining.

    It really is remarkable how much information is available these days. As a lifelong information packrat, I am slowly realizing that information synthesis and distillation are critical in this day and age more so than the data itself.

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