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Free online courses keep getting easier to find and manage

Looking for a way to find free online courses and track your progress in them? OnlineCourses.com may be just the ticket. The site provides a searchable online data base that aggregates open courseware offerings from the evolving “big brand” sector of open education. Here’s how the site describes itself:

OnlineCourses.com aggregates the best free and open courseware for students and professionals, all in a conveniently searchable online courseware platform. Search, track, and share progress on over 500 university and college level classes globally. Formerly known as LectureFox.com, we continue to carefully select and share with you new courses every week. Our passion for developing and sustaining OCW projects drives us to curate the best. From biology to accounting, foreign languages to science, OnlineCourse.com ensures you get a world-class education from the world’s top schools and scholars anytime, anywhere.

If online courses are your thing, definitely looks worth a spin.


P.S. LectureFox, the former version of OnlineCourses, was also mentioned here way back yonder in 2009 in 25 Free Online Resources and Web Apps for Lifelong Learners.

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Jeff Cobb says

Thanks, Sarah – So glad you found it valuable! And thanks for sharing. – Jeff

Sarah says

Hi Jeff,
What a great post! Awesome resources. I’m going to share your blog with our audience too.


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