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8 Keys to Deliberate Practice.

A New Yorker (or in some versions Arthur Rubinstein) is approached in the street near Carnegie Hall, and asked, “Pardon me sir, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?” He replies, “Practice,

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Why Practice, Practice, Practice May Not Get You To Carnegie Hall

I wrote a while back about the concept of deliberate practice, which is basically the idea that if you want to achieve mastery of something you need to (a) practice a lot, and (b) practice well. A study

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Ready to jump the curve on your lifelong learning journey?

I’ve had the experience before in life – as I am sure you have – of becoming absorbed in a new skill or topic, learning a tremendous amount, but then hitting a plateau at some point

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9 Science-Based Strategies for Achieving Personal Development Goals

We all have personal development goals. Some of them are more intentional than others, and only a fraction of which come to fruition. So what separates achieving goals from wishful thinking? After

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The Long Run

I’ve been a little heavy on the research-driven posts lately, so I thought I’d throw in a personal story for this post with the hope that other lifelong learners might find some small consolation

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5 Powerful Lifelong Learning Strategies for Your Toolbox

There is a good chance that, back in the day, you were not taught the most effective ways to learn. Certainly that seems to be the case today. In a an article in American Educator, Kent State professor

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So maybe we can make ourselves smarter?

I noted in an earlier post that as powerful as deliberate practice can be for mastering particular skills or knowledge, recent research suggests that we eventually run up against the limits of our intellectual

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What’s your working memory capacity, and other tests

A while back I noted that working memory may, it turns out, be a more important factor than deliberate practice in achieving greatness (or at least as important a factor). More recently I came across

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