Top 10 Posts on Mission to Learn in 2011 – and Some Personal Favorites

In 2011, more than a quarter million unique visitors landed here on Mission to Learn. I’d like to thank everyone of them, and also highlight some of the resources that were most popular among them. Here’s the top 10 for 2011 based on unique page visits:

10. 15 Language Learning Tools for Lifelong Learners (2,991 unique views)

Ready to get started on that New Year’s resolution to learn another language?

9. 25 Free Online Resources and Web Apps for Lifelong Learners (3,181 unique views)

Great stuff to support your lifelong learning habit in 2012 and beyond.

8. How to Improve Concentration and Focus: 7 Tips (3,474 unique views)

Hard to learn if you can’t focus, eh?

7. 50 Web Widgets for Your Learning Mix (4,579 unique views)

Note: This one has recently been updated.

6. 26 Learning Games to Change the World (6,149 unique views)

Also recently updated.

5. More Than 100 Free Places to Learn Online – and Counting (7,025 unique views)

And yes, this one has been updated too!

4. How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? 8 Keys to Deliberate Practice (10,055 unique views)

Don’t just put in the hours – practice deliberately.

3. 25 Sites and Tools to Exercise Your Brain (13,899 unique views)

You didn’t think exercise is just for your body, did you?

2. 15 Free Online Collaboration Tools and Apps (28,896 unique views)

Check out the comments on this – a long list of other tools and apps are mentioned.

1. A Definition of Learning (38,150 unique views)

Who knew so many people were looking for a definition of learning?

So that’s the Top 10 based on unique page views. Now, here are several of my personal favorites that were actually authored in 2011. As it happens, these have no overlap with the posts above other than the one on deliberate practice (which I won’t list here, since it is already listed above):

  • In Defense of Competence
    This one didn’t get much reaction, but for me, it was one of the most important concepts I encountered in 2011.
  • How Language Is Lost
    A reading from my favorite poet. (And it’s not too late to get her book for someone as a holiday gift.)
  • Think you could never be homeless?
    This is a post about a “serious game” that I found very effective – and it touches on an issue that is impacting all too many people in the current economy.
  • 10 Ways to Be a Better Learner
    Okay, cheating a bit here as this is the tag for the whole series. Given that this series took up a good bit of my posting time in 2011, it seems only right to include it.

That’s all for my posts in 2011. I’ll be back in early 2012. In the meantime, I wish you very happy holidays and an excellent start to 2012.


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