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Learning 2.0 eBook – Free

I’ve put together an eBook based on a presentation on Learning 2.0 that I did back in the fall. This is a very nice looking document–for which the credit goes entirely to the editor, Celisa

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Free Net Generation Learner Course

Andreas Meiszner, who I first encountered via FLOSSCom.Net (see OER- Open Educational Resources) recently dropped me a line to let me know about a new online learning experience aimed at exploring the

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Brief Hiatus

Those who visit the Mission to Learn Web site (as opposed to viewing content through a feed reader) will notice that the look and feel has been changed quite a lot. I have moved the blog over to WordPress

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All Politics is Learning 2.0

Following the debate on Saturday, the influential political blog DailyKos suggested that “…the Democratic voters won tonight”. While I’m not enough of a Pollyanna to suggest that all is well with

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Five Quotes from the Edge

The transition from old year to new always brings with it lists of predictions, trends, and general food for thought. I’m not much for making such lists, but I do inevitably end up stumbling upon and

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The Will to Learn: Have You Got It?

“Repetition is the mother of learning” was a phrase often repeated back in my days of learning and teaching Russian. I believe it is true, particularly for learning a language. It is also true that

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Open Education Marches On At Yale

I am glad to say that this posting does actually fit in with my previous two postings about the Great Ideas conference. Part of the reason I was at the conference was to attend a meeting of the professional

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Is Generation X a Lost Generation?

“You are all a lost generation” – Gertrude Stein as quoted by Ernest Hemingway “Generation X is being skipped over” –session attendee at Great Ideas as paraphrased here. The session attendee’s

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