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What Are You Learning At Work?

Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets each of us possesses in our increasingly connected, chaotic, and complex world, and so much of our knowledge is acquired through our day-to-day learning experiences

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The Power of Mindful Learning

A generation that questions mindless rules, is skeptical of grades, and is comfortable with uncertainty could change the world. That is the power of mindful learning. – Ellen Langer Mindfulness has

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4 Essential Questions to Ask

As you might imagine, I spend a lot of time thinking about what it really means to be a lifelong learner, or from a slightly different angle, what it really means to be engaged in lifelong learning. For

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Seeking Stress to Learn

Our natural inclination is to avoid stress. Stress, after all, usually feels uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. But to take big steps forward in learning almost always requires a certain amount of

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This is Hard. Does It Matter?

There are few, if any, paths to true growth and improvement other than consistent effort and practice. I’ve struggled with this truth my entire life. I believe most people, if they take some time to

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Are you truly available to learn?

It’s easy, particularly for those of us who identify as lifelong learners, to assume that we will gravitate toward learning, that we will welcome learning opportunities as they come our way. But

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The Human Curator of Learning

I’ve written a fair amount about the concept of curation. Interest in it seems to be reviving lately, perhaps sparked by the rise of fake news and the growing realization that we all can be are being

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Research says …

Never totally trust this phrase. Who did the research? How much experience did they have, and what biases – from cognitive to selection to sampling to publication – may have been involved? Who

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