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jonathan-mead-illuminated-mindI’m very pleased to be joined by Jonathan Mead for this round of the Radio Free Learning podcast. Jonathan is an entrepreneur, author of the highly popular eBook Reclaim Your Dreams, and founder of the Illuminated Mind blog. He also writes frequently for Zen Habits, and in general, is a rising star of the self development world.

In the podcast, Jonathan and I discuss the path that led him to renounce the conventional world of 9 to 5, launch Illuminated Mind, and go on to reclaim his own dreams. We also touch on the concept of the zero hour work week –  the title of Jonathan’s latest free eBook. As you might expect, “learning” factors heavily into Jonathan’s story and into our discussion.

Here’s the MP3 file link (23:45) in case you do not see the audio player below (or, if viewing by e-mail or RSS reader, click through to the original blog post).


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The theme music for the podcast is The Information Age by Anthony Fiumano, available on the Podsafe Music Network


P.S. – If you like the interview with Jonathan, you may also enjoy the Zen Learning Habits series here on Mission to Learn.

2 thoughts on “Iluminate Your Mind with Jonathan Mead – Podcast”

  1. David – Thanks for reading. I think what what Jonathan did with Reclaim Your Dreams is a such great exercise for anyone – whether or not you are a successful blogger or the exercise itself turns into a successful eBook like his has. Going through the process of thinking deeply about what is important to you, and attempting to articulate it in a way that helps others is a powerful form of learning. – Jeff

  2. I have read “Reclaim Your Dreams” which is one of the most motivating writings that I have come across. Thanks for the mention of his other latest publication.
    Thanks for sharing great resources here Jtcobb.
    Do keep posting.

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