Learning – and Unlearning? – to Give

Oh, those poor rich people!

I had set out to do a year end post on charitable giving when I ran across the following image on Mint.com. There is some good information in it. There is also considerable room for critique and debate, as reflected in the comments on the Mint.com site.

I post it here not so much for the specific data that it contains – which is all U.S.-based – but rather to support the idea of charitable giving in general. Even so, there are a couple of pieces of the data that struck me:

  • Those who earn less than $20K annually give twice as much as a percentage of income as those who earn $100K
  • Conservatives give more than liberals

I don’t have hard data to back up my musings, but my general understanding is that higher income tends to correlate with higher levels of formal education, and that “liberalism” also tends to rise among the highly educated. Which leads me to wonder – as many have before – whether too much emphasis on formally educating the mind doesn’t perhaps pose some dangers for the soul. (As always, I do not equate formal education and true learning.)

budget planner – Mint.com

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  1. I am associated in a charity which attend palliative cares. It is an Italian organization and I am worry about the given that 14 Italians give how 1 American. I agree with you when you say that who earn 20 is , in percentage, more charitable than who earn 100.
    But Charity System in Italy is less structured then in U.S., I hope we can improve our knowledge to help more people.

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