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Getting a First-Rate Business Education Online – Free

[tweetmeme] Sonia Simone over at Copyblogger has a nice post on How to Get a First-Class Online Business Education. Her focus is specifically on online business – i.e., how to create and run a successful online business – but the philosophy and process she describes applies well to self-educating yourself more generally in business and pretty much anything else. Well worth reading and internalizing.

With respect to broader business education resources, I have highlighted a number of them previously in 35+ Free Online Business Education Sites, but I want to be sure to point out a nice new set of resources organized by the folks at Online Colleges. They have pulled together a catalog of pretty much every open education resource you can imagine, and among them are links to a wide range of open courses in business. Check out the links on the pages below to school yourself in pretty much any business topic

Of course, as with an self-education effort, you will need to be motivated, and you must be prepared to make time for focused learning, set learning goals, and apply discipline as needed.


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[…] Free Business Education Online | Self-Education Business Courses Apr 1, 2010 … Sonia Simone over at Copyblogger has a nice post on How to Get a First-Class Online Business … […]

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