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Blog Action DayToday is Blog Action Day, an annual event that unites bloggers across the world to raise awareness about an important issue. This years’ issue is climate change. Mission to Learn has participated in Blog Action Day since it began in 2007. Last year, when the issue was poverty, I posted 5 Games Against Poverty and Hunger. So, in that same vein, here are five learning games for climate change.

Climate Challenge
A game where you are president of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office.

Connect 2 Climate comprises of five different applications on the mobile – three mobile games involving different mindsets and psychologies of mobile users, and two mobile learning applications on climate change. The games are being deployed on low-end and low cost handsets to sophisticated high-end devices.

Copenhagen Challenge
The game “Copenhagen Challenge” … aims to create awareness among school children and youth on issues related to climate change – renewable energy, energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gases.Download the English and Hindi versions of “Copenhagen Challenge” game from the links below. Install it on your desktop, play the interesting game, and learn more about Climate Change and related issues.

LogiCity is a fun interactive computer game with a difference.  Aimed at young people under 25, it’s a game set in a 3D virtual city with five main activities where players are set the task of reducing the carbon footprint of an average resident.  As players work their way through the game they will pick up information about Climate Change, and some of the main ways in which everyone is currently contributing to the emissions of the main greenhouse gas (CO2) that causes Climate Change.

V GAS aims at making the connections between individual lifestyles and greenhouse gas emissions, gauging personal contributions to global emissions. V GAS will try to help the user to answer the question ‘how does my lifestyle relate to the global problem?’, as well as ‘what options are there to reduce my contribution to the global problem?’

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P.S. – If you are interested in learning games, you may want to check out other posts on serious games here on Mission to Learn, and particularly 26 Learning Games to Change the World.

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