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Can we play – and learn – our way out of poverty?

Complex systems like the global economy have leverage points where a little insight, action, or power can be amplified to make an outsized difference. These are catalysts for change. That’s the

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10 Education Resources and Games for Autistic Students

This is a guest post from Karen Schweitzer Autistic students typically require a much different learning structure and environment than students who are not on the autism spectrum. This can cause challenges

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Think you could never be homeless?

It’s been a while since I last wrote about a serious game, but I continue to track games that support learning. One I heard about recently – on NPR, I think – is a game called Spent developed

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Game Mechanics, Bwah Hah Hah!

I hadn’t intended to follow my long dry spell on writing about games with two game-related posts (or two TED videos) in a row, but the Marketing Over Coffee guys mentioned the following video with

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Can you learn to save the world by playing games?

Somewhere along the way I began to write less about games here on Mission to Learn, but my interest in them as an approach to learning has never faded, and after seeing the Jane McGonigal video below it

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5 Learning Games for Climate Change – Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day, an annual event that unites bloggers across the world to raise awareness about an important issue. This years’ issue is climate change. Mission to Learn has participated

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12 More Learning Games for Change – and a Bonus

It’s been far too long since my last round-up of learning games, but I have been squirreling away quite a few. Here’s a list of 12, with a bonus thrown in at the end. Most of these have to

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Learning Games: Energy, Floods, and Social Reality

It’s been a while since I posted about learning games. Here are three serious, educational games that have come onto my radar screen lately: Akoha Described as “the world’s first social reality game,”

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