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10 Education Resources and Games for Autistic Students

This is a guest post from Karen Schweitzer

Autistic students typically require a much different learning structure and environment than students who are not on the autism spectrum. This can cause challenges for both educators and parents of autistic students as well as the students themselves. Fortunately, there are many different education resources and games that are available specifically for autistic students, their families, and their educators. These resources are definitely worth checking into if you are looking for helpful materials to support an autistic student’s educational program.

Do2Learn – There are many different educational resources for autistic students available on this helpful site, including songs, games, art projects, learning tools, and software. This site also offers career and employment resources for job-seekers with disabilities such as autism.

AutismEducation – This website provides information and training to families with autistic students. It details the special education rights of students with autism as well as successful education and treatment methods that allow autistic students reach their full potential. This site also provides helpful downloads that assist parents and educators with understanding the educational needs of autistic students.

PCIEducation – With education resources for autistic students available in numerous subjects, this site is extremely helpful for both students and educators alike. There are various different learning tools available for each subject, including board games, audio cassettes and CDs, and activity cards.

AutismSupportNetwork – This extremely informative and helpful website provides great resources for families affected by autism. It has great articles on teaching methods and college internships for adult students with autism. There is also a free support community available where members can connect with other families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

IAutistic – If you are looking for some games to play with an autistic student, look no further than this website. It provides several free games that help autistic children better understand people and emotions. This site also provides a number of videos, articles, and treatment methods for autistic students.

Time4Learning – This site provides an online education service for students on the autism spectrum. It has been used with success by many families who have had educational struggles elsewhere. There is an interactive curriculum for students from preschool to eighth grade, which gives a visual learning experience that has proven to be very beneficial for many.

AutismSpeaks – There is a “Family Services” section of this website that offers many great resources for people affected by autism and similar disorders. There is information on “Autism in the Workplace,” which highlights autistic individuals who perform well on the job. There are also sections that provide educational tools and a resource library.

TinSnips – Educators of autistic students can find various educational materials on this helpful site. It provides activities that promote various skills through different learning styles. There are also ideas for seasonal activities, which can be quite interesting and exciting for autistic students. Multiple links to other useful educational resources are provided as well.

AutismInspiration – This website is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers of students on the autism spectrum. The content provided has been used with success in both home and classroom settings. There are lesson plans, games, activities, and worksheets that subscribers to this site can use freely.

AutismPDD – Adults coping with disabilities can find helpful information regarding employment, postsecondary education, and various other things through this website. It provides the contact information for various organizations and agencies that are concerned with the well-being of disabled individuals.

Guest post from Karen Schweitzer. Karen writes about online universities for OnlineColleges.net.

Additions from the comments:

Autism…Learn – Carol Rudd writes in that  she creates “visually structured learning activities that are designed for children that have autism. The focus of each activity is to help develop different skills.”

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Debbie Singer says

Our website provides a variety of educational resources for students with autism. We would love to be added to your list of resources. Our website is http://www.AutismEducators.com. We donate to autism awareness and research. Thanks very much!


Carol Rudd says

Hello Jeff,
I just saw Autism Learn listed as a resource on your site and wanted to thank you for listing it – it was very nice of you and it is very much appreciated.
I hope my activities will be of service for persons with autism.
Thank you again
Carol Rudd

Jeff Cobb says

Thanks for commenting, Carol. I have added a link to your site to the post. – Jeff

Carol Rudd says

I was looking at your website an saw that you have a listing of autism resourcs.
I make visually structured learning activities that are designed for children that have autism. The focus of each activity is to help develop different skills.
If you can take some time to take a look at my website, the address is http://www.autismlearn101.com I hope you will like my activities and will ocnsiderlisting them on yourt website as a resource.
Thank you.
Carol Rudd

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