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A sample from The “L” Factor

New on Mission to Learn


Learning is the lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes.

We used to live in a knowledge economy

No longer.

With the speed and scale of change in our world today, we now live in a global learning economy in which knowing is not enough: we must constantly be learning.

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female face with superimposed computer code as artificial intelligence learning tool

ChatGPT and Lifelong Learning

The buzz around ChatGPT has become nearly deafening and, depending on which parts of it you tune into, it’s possible to believe artificial intelligence is on the verge of taking…

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5 Must-Know Public Access Learning Sites

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Ready to jump the curve on your lifelong learning journey?

I’ve had the experience before in life – as I am sure you have – of becoming absorbed in a new skill or topic, learning a tremendous amount, but then…

7 Reasons to Memorize Some Poetry

7 Reasons to Memorize Some Poetry

In my earlier years, I spent a fair amount of time in Russia (a better version!) and had the opportunity to attend various dinners and other social gatherings. Maybe it…

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Is TikTok Education? How the Popular App is Supporting Lifelong Learning

What any deep web diver will tell you is that social media is a kind of digital pharmakon. On one hand, it democratizes information, dissolves international borders, builds community, and…

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