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11 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Productivity and Learning

Did you know that several research studies have found a clear connection between collaborative learning and improved student performance? On top of that, the vast majority of our learning – whether

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Memrise: A Learning Engine Worth a Spin

Have you always hoped to learn a foreign language? Or brush up on one you studied long ago? Have you found that whenever you set out to do this in the past, it’s been hard to keep at it? Memrise

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Download the Learning Revolutionary’s Toolbox for Free

Do you have knowledge and expertise you want to share with the world – and possibly generate some income while doing it? Do you want to create online courses, educational audio and video, or other

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10 Educational Gift Ideas for the Lifelong Learners in Your Life

Whether for a holiday or a birthday, most of us have to come up with gifts to give at multiple times throughout the year. As you might guess, my bias is to give gifts with some educational value to them.

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What’s your working memory capacity, and other tests

A while back I noted that working memory may, it turns out, be a more important factor than deliberate practice in achieving greatness (or at least as important a factor). More recently I came across

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A Dozen Favorite Technology Tools for Lifelong Learning

The range of technology tools you can use to support and enhance your learning is truly amazing. The following list covers some of my favorites along with brief notes on how I use them. Nearly all of

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Zeroing in on Learning with Zite

A while back I wrote about my some of favorite iPad apps for lifelong learning. A new one (for me) has come along that is quickly moving to the top of my list: Zite. In a nutshell, Zite enables you to

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10 Education Resources and Games for Autistic Students

This is a guest post from Karen Schweitzer Autistic students typically require a much different learning structure and environment than students who are not on the autism spectrum. This can cause challenges

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