Are You Missing Out on These Two Great Values?

Did you know that Mission to Learn offers more than just the Mission to Learn blog? Tomorrow I’ll be putting out a new episode of the Radio Free Learning podcast featuring Curtis Bonk talking about his great new book, The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education. Radio Free Learning has already featured interviews with people like virtual community pioneer Howard Rheingold and Flatworld Knowledge co-founder Eric Frank, and we’ve got some great new interviews line up for the coming months.

Each month Mission to Learn also publishes the Learning Monitor newsletter. The Monitor features news and insights from the learning Web as well as the Learning Smorgasbord, an eclectic collection of free and low cost learning opportunities from across the Web. It’s a great complement to the regular flow of blog posts here on Mission to Learn.

Whether or not you take advantage of these other great values, thanks so much for joining us here on the Mission to Learn blog!


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