Top 100 Language Learning Blogs

Lexiophiles has issued its annual list of Top 100 Language Blogs. Knowing that most people will probably focus on the top 20 (which, I am happy to say, includes Mission to Learn), I thought I’d take a minute to highlight some of the blogs further down the list I found interesting.

23. Self-Made Scholar. Learn Free.
What can I say – I go for anything that blends “self-made” with “free” and “learn.” I’ve come across Jamie Littfield’s blog before and mentioned it in the Learning Monitor, among other places. Well worth a visit.

36. Esperanto Blog
Our Esperanto Blog is a series of frequently published articles about Esperanto language. Our blogger, Alex Joy, speaks and studies Esperanto and is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with our readers.

Esperanto gets no respect. Maybe this blog is the answer.

46. eduFire. Live Video Learning.

I’m high on video these days, and this looks like a very cool site. Notably, the current post is on Top 10 Learning Resources for the Aspiring Esperantist.

59. The Smiling Eggplant. All about Italy

I like Italy. I like the name. You might want to combine this one with…

77. Verba Molant. Linguistical blog for Italian language lovers

And finally…

85. Women Learning Thai … and some men too 😉 .  Expat making her way through Thai language and culture.

I’m not sure if the “…and some men too ;-)” appended to the blog’s title header means the men are learning Thai or the women are learning men, but in any case, I wanted to be sure to include an eastern language.

Well, enough from me. Go check out some of the Top 100 Language Blogs.

Jeff Cobb
Mission to Learn

5 thoughts on “Top 100 Language Learning Blogs”

  1. Jeff, thanks for the welcome. Thailand is indeed an amazing place to learn a language or just hang around having fun. And with the downturn in the economy, some places have more breathing room to have that fun. So perhaps plan on another visit to LOS soon? 🙂

  2. Hey Catherine – Thanks for stopping by to comment. I’m jealous of your ventures in Thai language and culture. I have fond memories of two weeks spent in Thailand far too long ago! – Jeff

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the mention. I’m catching up after being offstation (I brought back a lovely bug to boot) so my top 100 post is still in the wings.

    ‘I’m not sure if the “…and some men too ” appended to the blog’s title header means the men are learning Thai or the women are learning men’…

    ‘Women learning Thai… and some men learning Thai too’ was too long so I went for the smiles instead.

    The name is totally tongue in cheek. And I guess, in a way, I’m also tipping my hat to ‘TiT’ (This is Thailand), which seems to cover just as large a range as ‘mai bpen rai’…

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