Teaching Sells

teaching-sellsThat’s what Copyblogger Brian Clark says, and I believe him. Both because it has been true in my own career and because I have been a member of his Teaching Sells program since it launched nearly two years ago.

I am excited that the Teaching Sells program has re-opened today after being closed to new members for many months. I feel pretty certain there is a sizable segment of Mission to Learn readers who will want to consider enrolling. At a minimum, make sure you download some of the great free resources Brian offers. (He asks for your e-mail, but my experience is that he can definitely be trusted to only do what he says he will do with it – and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

That’s all I’ll say here. I encourage you to read my further thoughts on Teaching Sells, if you are interested, or to find out more on the Teaching Sells site.


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