Would you like to actually make a living teaching online?

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There are no miraculous, get-rich-quick ways to do it. But like any other business, if you go about it strategically, there is no reason you can’t make it work.

Indeed, some people make it work very well, and a lot of those people have relied on the Teaching Sells program from Copyblogger Media to arm them with the essential knowledge and skills they need to turn teaching into a business.

Teaching Sells is back after having been closed to new enrollments for quite some time (yes, it’s that good and that popular!). Go straight to the Teaching Sells site for more information, including a free report and other resources that are highly valuable on their own…

…or read on for my perspective on it.


It’s a given that visitors to Mission to Learn are interested in learning, but most of you also have expertise in one or more topic areas and may be passionate about the idea of teaching others. For learning how to turn that passion into a part or even full-time income stream, I know of no better progam than Teaching Sells, created by Copyblogger founder Brian Clark. I have participated in the program since it first started years ago, so I am not just promoting something I know little about. This one is a winner, and here’s why I think so:

People need expert curators and facilitators

What does that mean? Well, consider the flood of information you are subjected to day in and day out. On the Web, in your inbox, through any number of other channels. There are amazing opportunities on the Web to access free educational content, to learn any number of new things that might improve your life or boost your career. But how do you sift through it all, make the right choices, and connect with a community that can support you in your learning?

People will pay for true expertise and guidance, and rightly so.

Most of the content on the Web may be cheap, or even free, but content is only part of the picture. If you have expertise in a particular topic or field, if you can help people really make sense of things, if you can bring together a group of learners with common interest and help guide them to meet their goals, then you have a great business model!

But how can you actually put that business model into action? That’s where Teaching Sells comes in.

A Complete Support System for Selling Online Learning

In my opinion, Teaching Sells addresses all of the issues above. It provides:

  • A thorough and customer-centric process for developing and marketing online education and training. Teaching Sells provides what I consider to be a roadmap for creating a successful e-learning business.
  • Specific information and instructions on the use of low-cost and open source software to create and manage your online learning site. Using the tools suggested, you can be up and running in relatively short period of time for less than $500 in software and hosting costs. Considering what the returns can be, this is an incredibly low investment.
  • A very active and vibrant community of colleagues who are all engaged in creating successful sites for offering e-learning for members. This highly active community is one of the things that has impressed me the most.

It is worth noting, too, that the knowledge that Teaching Sells delivers can help drive high e-learning adoption rates for any interactive learning program, whether you actually plan to sell online learning, offer it for free as a member or customer benefit, or even use it for a public education initiative.

To find out more and to get the free Teaching Sells report, visit Teaching Sells today. And feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Jeff Cobb
Mission to Learn Founder

P.S. – If you look around Mission to Learn, you will see that I promote next to nothing here. Aside from Teaching Sells and my own books, one of the few other things I endorse is the Thesis WordPress theme, which I use here on Mission to Learn, and which was also developed by Brian Clark along with Chris Pearson. If I promote something, it is because I have tried it and I believe in it.

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