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Are you truly available to learn?

It’s easy, particularly for those of us who identify as lifelong learners, to assume that we will gravitate toward learning, that we will welcome learning opportunities as they come our way. But

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How we see and respond to the world around us very often depends on how we frame things. What we choose to see or not see, include or cut. We do this all the time with learning, too often equating it with

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The 4 Known Pillars of a Long, Healthy Life

There are no guarantees in life, particularly when it comes to life itself. Genetics, environment, or random accidents are just a few of the factors that can disrupt the best laid plans. Leaving these

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Are you epistemologically modest?

“Epistemology” is one of the big, fancy worlds I encountered in graduate school and have rarely encountered since. You’ll usually see it defined as something like “theory of knowledge,”

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The Human Curator of Learning

I’ve written a fair amount about the concept of curation. Interest in it seems to be reviving lately, perhaps sparked by the rise of fake news and the growing realization that we all can be are being

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Learning in the Ruins

I am recently back from Greece, so forgive me for being a bit philosophical. On the way to Greece, I passed through Rome. There, I saw what is left of the Palatine Hill along with countless other artifacts

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Research says …

Never totally trust this phrase or any of its variants – “a study shows,” “scientists claim, ” etc. Who did the research? How much experience did they have, and what biases

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Most People Won’t. (But You Will, Right?)

There are people who think of life as a sort of competition, and learning as a path to maximizing performance, getting an edge, and winning whatever prize they imagine is waiting for them. I’ve always

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