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Are kids really more creative than adults?

One of the most popular TED Talks of all time is Sir Ken Robinson’s Do School’s Kill Creativity? It’s highly entertaining, thought provoking, and I confess I have watched it many times. But

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Can we educate ourselves fast enough?

You have to wonder Predictions about how forces like artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics will impact the future of work – and by extension, the future of learning – vary widely,

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The Yin and Yang of Learning

We learn from change and we change from learning. No learning, no change. No change, no learning. This is the yin and yang of lifelong learning.

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How we see and respond to the world around us very often depends on how we frame things. What we choose to see or not see, include or cut. We do this all the time with learning, too often equating it with

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The Future and Learning – Connecting the Dots

The learning landscape continues to evolve in very interesting ways. I’ve noticed lately, for example, that artificial intelligence (AI) seems to finally be getting significant traction. Enough so that

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What learning is … (#1)

“Learning begins by emptying your cup, so that you can fill it with what you find.” Leo Babauta, Zen Habits from My Pursuit of the Art of Living Leo has inspired me on many occasions. (He is

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Are you ready to enter the Shift Age?

What’s the future hold? No matter what the answer to that question, active lifelong learners will be the ones best prepared to handle it. That’s just one of the perspectives that emerges in

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A Bad Start to Lifelong Learning?

Is our desire to be engaged, effective lifelong learners beaten down, if not killed outright by the time we leave high school? That may be too bleak a conclusion to draw, but the findings of a recent Gallup

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