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New Serious Games – Serious Games News

A couple of new serious games popped on my radar screen today. The first, Soba, is a massively multi-player game (MMG) focused on neighborhoods in New York City.  It was developed by Tiltfactor, a maker

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Hurricane Katrina Serious Game

As Gustav was threatening to bring a second round of hurricane disaster to New Orleans, Global Kids released a new, Web-based serious game: Hurricane Katrina – Tempest in Crescent City. The game

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Spore: A Modern Montessori Toy

Spore is coming, and whether you are an avid gamer who has already pre-ordered your copy, a complete non-gamer who has no idea what “Spore is coming” means, or somewhere in between, it is worth watching

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7 More Learning Games for Change

I promise Mission to Learn isn’t going to turn into a blog that is only about games. I am, however, increasingly fascinated with the potential of games as educational tools and tools for change, and

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I’ve been thinking about discipline and learning a lot lately. (Feel free to pause and savor the full flavor of “learning” as a gerund.) A recent post from Andrew Sullivan in timesonline, via Nicholas

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5 Traits of the Super Learner

How strong is your capacity to learn? Can you leap complex concepts with a single bound? Master a new language faster than a speeding locomotive? Roll your eyes at hyperbole without even blinking? Perhaps

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Five Themes for the Web 2.0 Learner

In recent post I mentioned that Mission to Learn turned one on May 15. (Note: this was way back in 2008 (!) – but this post has remained relevant.) As chance would have it, I spoke on a Web 2.0

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Is Your Brain in a Box?

Are you just not the creative type? Is it simply impossible for you to learn a new language? Is all this social media stuff just for the kids? If you answer yes to any of these questions—or know people

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