A New Look for Mission to Learn

I don’t like to spend to much time blogging about the blog, but I made a big change to the look and feel of the Mission to Learn site earlier this week, and it seems worth pointing out – particularly to those of you who subscribe by RSS or e-mail and may not have dropped by in a while.

I was already using the great Thesis WordPress theme developed by Chris Pearson, but had implemented it pretty quickly and haphazardly following the massive server crash and data lost at Mission to Learn’s former host, Bluehost. I use Thesis on two other sites and really can’t recommend it highly enough.

To really make Thesis hum, I relied on the help of Daniel Stanojevic and his team at 1Serpent. They did the design and all of the customization work. I also worked with them on Tagoras and my personal site, and I recommend them highly.

I welcome any thoughts you have on the new design, and I’d also like to ask one small favor of you. Part of the reason for investing in a new design here at Mission to Learn is that I have decided to greatly increase the time and effort I put into the site with the hope of growing it into all I think it can be over time. So…

If you feel you enjoy and benefit from what you find here, I would sincerely appreciate it if you would tell someone else about Mission to Learn. Maybe e-mail them a link to a post you like. Or Tweet about it. Or mention it on your own blog. Whatever works for you.

I hope you enjoy the new look, and thanks so much for reading Mission to Learn!


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