Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head and other Assorted Edutweets

Mission to Learn EdutweetsTime for another installment of linky learning with assorted Edutweets from Mission to Learn. There are some really great ones this time around.

For readers who are new here, I periodically do a round-up of some of the items that have been going out over the Mission to Learn Twitter stream and try to package them up in some logical way to help make them easier to digest. I do this roughly every two weeks or so. Naturally, you can get all of this in real time if you follow Mission to Learn on Twitter!

Human Mind

47 Ways to Fine Tune Your Brain: https://bit.ly/10nFQS See also: 5 Key Paths to Improving Memory: https://bit.ly/4lIWtR

Media multi-taskers pay mental price https://bit.ly/16ko3N (via https://zenhabits.tumblr.com/ )

Memory improvement and learning skills. Pretty amazing site:https://www.happychild.org.uk/acc/tpr/mem/index.htm

A Short Collection of Powerful But Under Appreciated Learning Strategies: https://bit.ly/3mKoa6

How Simplicity Can Help Creativity, Briefly: https://bit.ly/6jeYE

Learning Trends & Insights

Very interesting – rethinklearningnow https://rethinklearningnow.com/ via Downes https://bit.ly/asV5d

On Zen Habits: Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head https://is.gd/2Ijnj

RT @joshkaufman: Essays on the theme “school is prison”: https://su.pr/6Cn8BP & https://su.pr/9TzHAp

The Importance and Challenges of Universal Media Literacy Education: https://bit.ly/iQhpe

What is the Future of Teaching? https://bit.ly/FM2GT

Can a School Library Be Replaced by E-Readers? Apparently, it Can. https://bit.ly/rClky

RT @live2learn: Being educated is more than a diploma or a degree. 12 Things Really Educated People Know https://bit.ly/1LjvEy

10 Wishes for True Student Success from @mayafrosthttps://bit.ly/8IZTg

40 Things to Teach My Kids Before They Leave Home: https://bit.ly/RUTiR

Learning Resources

16 Great Books to Change the World https://bit.ly/a9Iy7 (and 26 Games: https://bit.ly/jB97y )

Another winner from Zaid: The Best EDU Blogs on the Planet: https://bit.ly/FmJI8

RT @Larryferlazzo: The Best Places To Find New Educational Websiteshttps://bit.ly/u9XN1

RT @Larryferlazzo: Best Fun Sites You Can Use For Learning, Too — 2008 https://tinyurl.com/5cxbh2 This year’s list is coming up this month!

RT @Larryferlazzo: “Show Me” is a great site highlighting best games from British museums https://www.show.me.uk/games/games.html

Are you missing out on these two great values? https://bit.ly/16SxqG

RT @live2learn: Great learning resource! RT @dianadell Bet the Farm https://ow.ly/nC1N Make all key decisions as you run a farm for a year.

100 Inspirational blogs for after college life: https://bit.ly/CT1dm

Nice, short video about the Big Bang: https://bit.ly/9u5zg

30 High-Value Tips and Resources for Learning on the Cheap: https://bit.ly/1DNJii


7 Free, Focused Resources for Learning a Little Spanish Without Signing Up – https://bit.ly/1xYdEL

RT @AngelaMaiers: RT @englishraven Place to find very best English language teaching blogs and posts –https://3.ly/yhI

RT @Larryferlazzo: 9,000 categorized links accessible to English Language Learners https://bit.ly/lNYC6

Educational Web Apps & Tech Tools

10 Awesome Tools To Get More Out of Wikipedia: https://bit.ly/rHqTT

Not sure how I never came across this before: DailyLit: https://dailylit.com/

RT @AngelaMaiers: Every TED Talk Under the Sun from @openculture https://ow.ly/oAlQ THIS ROCKS!!! REALLY!!!! #learningmonitor

Looks like a pretty cool little tool for managing (learning?) goals: https://www.joesgoals.com/

RT @mitzilewis: RT @JimMacMillan Back to School: 15 Essential Web Tools for Students https://su.pr/15oMdw

Learning Habits & Skills

5 Powerful Reasons to Make Reflection a Daily Learning Habit, and How to Do It: https://bit.ly/w9vmy7:10 AM Sep 9th from Seesmic

@edbatista Thanks for the tweet on 10 sites for sharpening critical thinking skills! https://bit.ly/4f3E9F

RT @tferriss: How to Become an Early Riser: https://su.pr/2DgJtP (and create some extra time for learning: https://bit.ly/3xhzm7 )

RT @learninglater: DO YOU KNOW…Learning Later is a way to discover new talents and resurrect old ones? https://www.learninglater.com

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes: https://bit.ly/Bg6gb

Learning via self experimentation: https://bit.ly/JnJnj

RT @speakamerica: What is your curiosity quotient? https://bit.ly/13JzEt

15 Ways to Find an Hour a Day of Extra Time…for Focused Learning: https://bit.ly/wokHr

10 Bona Fide Best Sites for Sharpening your Critical Thinking Skills. Grateful for a bookmark if you like it: https://bit.ly/TwbzU

5 Key Paths to Improving Memory – Part II https://bit.ly/3xNSi8

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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