Are you ready to enter the Shift Age?

Futurist David HouleWhat’s the future hold? No matter what the answer to that question, active lifelong learners will be the ones best prepared to handle it.

That’s just one of the perspectives that emerges in a recent interview I did with futurist David Houle on the Learning Revolution podcast. David is the author Entering the Shift Age, a new book that discusses the major trends that are pushing humanity into a whole new era and provides a detailed vision of the future. He also happens to be the son of Cy Houle, one of the pioneering figures in adult lifelong learning, and he shares his father’s conviction that lifelong learning will be the central concept of education going forward.

You can listen to the interview here or subscribe on Tunes , but I also encourage you to check out the show notes and links on the Learning Revolution site.

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