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I’ve been changing up my approach to Edutweets a bit. First, I no longer do them weekly, but instead publish them whenever I have accumulated what seems like a substantive list of resources. Second, I am starting to take more of a “digital curator” approach by organizing the links into headings that align with major categories here on Mission to Learn. In general, my aim is not just to throw up a bunch of links, but to try to provide a reasonably well organized set of resources that help readers in their continuing mission to learn. Given the time of year, the feature for this round of Edutweets is:

8 Best Soundbites of Graduation Advice: https://bit.ly/wJWmI – including, as you might guess from the photo, words of wisdom from Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Free Stuff

Free online courses at LatitudeU: https://bit.ly/10szc21

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Brain Science

RT @openculture: Jonah Lehrer, author of Proust Was a Neuroscientist, speaking on the Brain (Video) https://bit.ly/Cutxo

8 Tips to Remember What You Read: https://bit.ly/Rp3ud

The Psychology of Attention (series of posts) https://bit.ly/5LMWh

Brain Games: Do They Really Work? https://bit.ly/qPwOf

Serious Games

ARGuing Project – Bridging the gap between games and education in Language learning: https://bit.ly/wgclt

World of Warcraft in the Classroom: https://edurealms.com/?p=48

To 5 reasons why computer game designers should care about serious games: https://bit.ly/xIwzT

New Wired article – All That Gore Gets in the Way of Game Play: https://www.wired.com/gameli…#

Ship simulator game based on Google Earth from PlanetinAction.com – https://bit.ly/zw0ri from

Open Education

Kaplan joins Open Courseware Consortium: https://bit.ly/7Oegs

Learning in General

New Mission to Learn post: A Definition of Learninghttps://bit.ly/11fRIk

(On a BoingBoing catch-up binge this morning) Moby Dick (and the Odyssey) in Tweet-form: https://bit.ly/giqpT

Pinkwater’s The Education of Robert Nifkin – taking charge of your own education – https://bit.ly/2mdnUc

Via BoingBoing, Make magazine projects as PDFs: https://bit.ly/nKWc0

Spotlight on older post that just received new comment: Honey Bee Crisis https://bit.ly/xK5uE

100 Best iPhone Apps for Serious Self Learners: https://bit.ly/tXACU

E-learning Africa coming soon: https://bit.ly/vfs8t

Conversations and Connections

@stevecunningham As a #Vistage member – and reviewer – might want to look at https://is.gd/B7kB from Vistage new speaker of the year.7:06 PM May 18th in reply to stevecunningham

@stevecunningham Thanks. https://www.readitfor.me/ looks very interesting. Will include it in my Free Learning Monitor. https://is.gd/l28G7:01 PM May 18th in reply to stevecunningham

New Mission to Learn post – review of The Blue Sweater, a learning journey: https://bit.ly/pr1qK6:14 PM May 18th

@jnovogratz My pleasure – I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the great work at the Acumen Fund!6:44 PM May 18th from twhirl in reply to jnovogratz

@MireilleJansma Sorry about that. Should be working now. My host went down, along with all sites and e-mail. NEVER use Bluehost! Argh.7:25 AM May 21st from in reply to MireilleJansma


Get your writing in a foreign language checked by an expert: https://www.correctmytext.com/

New M2L post – review of language learning platform Myngle: https://bit.ly/g69A5

Busuu – online community for learning languages – turns one: https://bit.ly/x4ech

Jeff Cobb
Mission to Learn

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