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Welcome to Mission to Learn

If you are new to Mission to Learn, or have simply decided to spend a bit more time exploring what is here, the posts listed on this page represent good places to start. It’s also good to know that

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A Definition of Learning

Given that Mission to Learn is a site focused entirely on lifelong learning, it seems only appropriate that I offer up a definition of learning as I see it.  So here’s how I define learning: Learning

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All There is to Learn, Cont.

Several posts back, under the influence of having seen Dan Roam speak at an ASAE conference, I mused about facing up to all there is to learn and posted the following image: As Mission to Learn approaches

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Facing Up to All There Is to Learn

I had the pleasure recently of seeing Dan Roam speak at a conference. Dan wrote Back of the Napkin – one of the many books on my long list of wanna-reads – and his basic concepts are that (a)

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Learning Set Free

There’s a passage in one of George Siemens’ recent postings that I like so much I’m tempted simply to quote it and hit publish. In reviewing an article on “courseocentricsm” Siemens says: I like

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