All There is to Learn, Cont.

Several posts back, under the influence of having seen Dan Roam speak at an ASAE conference, I mused about facing up to all there is to learn and posted the following image:


As Mission to Learn approaches its second anniversary (hard to believe!), one of the things I am thinking about is how to carry things forward in a sustainable fashion and involve others more than I currently do in creating content for the blog. Partly this is a practical move: I am struggling to find enough time to post here as regularly as I would like at the quality level I would like. But it is also, in my opinion, the ideal way to face up to all there is to learn. We learn more, and better, in a collective, connected way.

So, here is my new take on the image above:


I’ll post more soon on what I have in mind with respect to changes at Mission to Learn, but one of the first is that I am going to start publishing guest posts here. Stay tuned for the first one within the next day.

Jeff Cobb
Mission to Learn

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