Some Wise Learning Insights From a 12-Year Old

[tweetmeme] I’ve been focused more and more lately on how we learn. This has led me to re-read Stephen Pinker’s How the Mind Works, which – whether you ultimately agree with Pinker’s views or not – really is a must-read for anyone passionate about learning. (I’m moving on now to re-reading his earlier The Language Instinct.)

I also Googled the phrase “how we learn” – surely not for the first time? – and noted immediately that a TED channel titled “How We Learn” comes up near the top of the results. That led me to the following, recently-posted video featuring Adora Svitak. No doubt this has already made the rounds out yonder on the Web, but I am a little behind on my blog reading these days. And besides, if you have seen it before you already know it is worth seeing again.

Prepare to be schooled, delightfully, by a 12-year old:

6 thoughts on “Some Wise Learning Insights From a 12-Year Old”

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  4. Thanks for commenting, John. Yes, her comments on war alone (Lord of the Flies not withstanding!) were enough to give me pause. And, of course, she also got me thinking back to what I was doing when I was 12 – which certainly was not presenting to large audiences of very smart adults! – Jeff

  5. Well highlighted Jeff. The young often get unnoticed or thought childish as she wisely mentioned. But wisdom is that older adults send other younger adults to war and what’s the good in that often? She offered timely reminders about life and that sits well with your mission here to learn and grow. One we all could do with paying attention to. Look forwards to more thought provoking posts.

    All the best.

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