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17 Udemy Alternatives To Learn New Skills With Online Courses

When you search for online courses on any topic, Udemy often features at the top of the results. That’s not a surprise because it is among the largest and oldest online course marketplaces for students and professionals to learn new skills.

But your search for knowledge shouldn’t stop at Udemy.

Several alternatives to Udemy offer superior courses in specialized fields, allowing you to take the next step in your mission to learn.

So, in this article, we’ll share some of our favorite Udemy alternatives where you can find the highest quality online courses taught by experts from around the world.

Let’s dive in.

Quick Verdict

Let me quickly share my top Udemy alternatives before diving deeper.

Skillshare – Best overall Udemy alternative

CreativeLive – Best for live creative courses

Coursera – Best Udemy alternative for degree programs

DataCamp – Best for AI and machine learning courses

HubSpot Academy – Best for online marketing courses.

How did we reach this conclusion? I’ll explain that in the rest of the article and share several other excellent Udemy alternatives worth trying.

What Is Udemy?

Udemy website

With over 210K online courses taught by 70K+ instructors in 75 languages to more than 60 million students worldwide, Udemy is the largest and most active online course marketplace.

No matter what you want to learn, you’ll find a course about it on Udemy, as it lists thousands of video courses in categories like programming, design, business, marketing, psychology, personal development, creative art, and productivity.

Besides offering an unlimited range of online courses, Udemy’s other major strength is its affordability. Most courses on the platform are priced between $13 to $50. However, there are some higher-priced programs as well.

Udemy courses aren’t degree programs to turn you into experts. Instead, they are training programs on very specific topics allowing you to quickly acquire the skills you need to progress in your career or achieve a learning goal.

For example, here’s a photography course tailored for real estate marketers with over 17 hours of video lectures.

Udemy course - Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography

So, if you’re new to online education or want to explore the fundamentals of a subject, Udemy is an excellent platform to start your eLearning journey.

Why Should Students Look For Udemy Alternatives?

Udemy is hugely popular among online learners and gets over 100 million monthly visitors. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. If I could sum up Udemy’s weaknesses in one word, it would be “inconsistent”.

Here are some reasons to look for Udemy alternatives as your knowledge and experience grow in a particular subject.

Content Quality

Udemy has pretty loose instructor recruitment criteria, allowing almost anyone to create and sell online courses as long as they meet the platform’s minimum requirements. As a result, Udemy courses lack consistency in content quality. For example, some Udemy courses are world-class, like Seth Godin’s freelancer course.

Udemy Seth Godin Course


But there are numerous low-quality courses that offer little practical value.

Learning Experience

Udemy offers standalone courses helpful in getting a mid-level understanding of a topic. But it doesn’t provide learning tracks, like many of its alternatives, that help you achieve bigger learning goals and specialize in your desired skills.

Credibility And Acceptance

Udemy courses are not accredited by any university or professional/academic institution. So, they’re great for learning new skills but might not add too much weight to your professional profile.


Udemy courses are cheap. But the costs can quickly add up if you buy multiple courses or regularly enroll in new programs. In comparison, many Udemy alternatives charge a flat monthly subscription fee allowing you to access as many courses as you want.

The Best Udemy Alternatives For Learning New Skills Online

Let’s now discuss the alternatives to Udemy you can use to enroll in online courses and degree programs.

These aren’t identical Udemy alternatives. But all of them enable you to learn new skills and acquire knowledge through e-learning, which is Udemy’s core offer as well.

Udemy Alternative #1: Coursera

Coursera - Learn without limits

If you want to enroll in online degree programs from Arizona State University, the University Of Oxford, the University Of Illinois, and many other world-class academic institutions, Coursera is an ideal platform.

It offers over 5000 free and paid online courses by Google, IBM, Salesforce, and Meta, along with complete certification and degree programs from some of the world’s top universities.

Unlike Udemy, Coursera allows you to specialize in programming, business management, project management, supply chain, artificial intelligence (AI), psychology, marketing, and numerous other fields.

It offers complete learning tracks designed to help beginners start from scratch and become subject matter experts.

Coursera MasterTrack certificates catalog

If you only want to acquire skills, you can enroll in most Coursera programs for free. However, you must pay a fee for a course completion certificate or degree. What’s more, it even offers financial assistance for specific programs if you can’t afford the tuition fee.

Try Coursera Now

Udemy Alternative #2: CreativeLive

CreativeLive - Do what you love

CreativeLive is a dedicated online learning platform for creative professionals and artists. It contains 2000+ recorded video courses by more than 700 renowned experts like Tim Ferris, Richard Branson, and Daymond John on subjects like photography, music, creative design, productivity, videography, money & finance, and many more.

CreativeLive course catalog

CreativeLive’s course content is not only superior to Udemy because it is taught by real-world experts but also because of its high production quality. CreativeLive shoots its video courses in-house and creates professional content comparable to Netflix documentaries.

Here’s a quick preview of a CreativeLive course to give you an idea of what I’m saying.

CreativeLive Course - Writing Your Story

CreativeLive uses a subscription pricing model where you can access its course library for as low as $12.45/month. But you can watch any course for free when it’s broadcast live on the platform.

In short, if you’re a creative professional looking to enhance your skills or a hobbyist wanting to learn from the best in the business, CreativeLive is the perfect platform.

Try CreativeLive Now

Udemy Alternative #3: Mindvalley

Mindvalley - Step into your greatness

Mindvalley is one of my favorite online learning platforms because of its unique content. Unlike most other eLearning companies, Mindvalley focuses mainly on mental health, personal well-being, confidence, and spirituality.

Mindvalley calls its courses “Quests,” designed to deliver lessons in small, manageable chunks over a specified period. It helps students form habits and allows them to apply the learnings in their daily lives.

Mindvalley quests

It offers HD video courses carefully designed by some of the world’s best educators, therapists, meditation experts, and consultants. Mindvalley uses group learning in its live courses allowing the students to build relationships, share ideas, and grow together.

But you can also access lecture recordings and on-demand content from 100+ Mindvalley programs by subscribing for $24.9/month.

Try Mindvalley Now

Udemy Alternative #4: Skillshare

Skillshare home page

Skillshare is probably the closest Udemy alternative for students looking to enhance their skills by taking specific online courses. However, you can consider it a significantly upgraded version of Udemy because the quality of Skillshare’s courses is considerably higher.

Still, it’s among the top online learning marketplaces where you can find courses on coding, productivity, design, architecture, communication, business, marketing, and many other subjects.

Skillshare’s content guidelines are pretty well-defined. So, most of the courses on the platform have excellent production and content quality.

But, Skillshare has an “Originals” series it produces in-house with thought leaders and exceptionally talented creators, which has even better quality.

Skillshare Adobe Animate course

Apart from standalone courses, Skillshare offers detailed learning tracks allowing you to plan your learning goals and become certified experts in your chosen fields.

And the best part? Skillshare has an affordable annual subscription plan starting from just $24/year. Considering the thousands of high-quality courses on Skillshare, from coding to design, this subscription fee is a steal.

Try Skillshare Now

Udemy Alternative #5: LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning - Keep learning in the moments that matter

LinkedIn Learning is another excellent Udemy alternative because of the thousands of courses it offers in dozens of different categories, including technology, productivity, management, marketing, eCommerce, digital marketing, and business communication.

LinkedIn Learning, previously Lynda.com, stands out for its high-quality video courses by experts and seasoned professionals in different subjects.

LinkedIn Learning How to Work Smarter course

You can access its course library for a monthly subscription or purchase individual courses for a one-time fee, depending on your learning needs.

Since it is connected to your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Learning gives you tailored online course recommendations depending on your qualifications and the skills you need to level up your career.

LinkedIn Learning is worth checking out if you’re looking for solid corporate online courses taught by proven experts.

Try LinkedIn Learning Now

Udemy Alternative #6: Domestika

Domestika is a community for creative people

If you’re a creative soul and want to polish your skills by learning from the world’s best artists, musicians, photographers, illustrators, and designers, you’ll fall in love with Domestika.

It started in 2011 as a creative online learning platform for the Spanish audience. But over the years, it has evolved into a global eLearning platform with over 10,000 HD video courses in English and Spanish by renowned artists and creative professionals.

Domestika catalog

Domestika stands out for its content’s production quality and unique course topics. You’ll find brilliant courses about sketching, matte painting, animal photography, visual perception, and numerous other topics by people who’ve been practicing their art for decades.

You can access Domestika’s content in two ways:

  • Pay per course (anywhere between $9 to $99)
  • Become a member ($6.99/month)

So, if you’re looking for creative online courses, Domestika might be a better option than Udemy.

Try Domestika Now

Udemy Alternative #7: Hubspot Academy

HubSpot Academy - Grow Your Career

If you’re an online marketer or want to learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing, HubSpot Academy is the first place you should go.

It contains over 1000 HD video courses by expert content marketers, email marketers, social media strategists, and entrepreneurs to equip you with the skills to grow a business with online marketing.

HubSpot Academy Content Marketing course

HubSpot Academy has two course categories – short courses and certification courses.

The certification courses consist of multiple modules, including tests and quizzes, and grant you a completion certificate when you pass the final assessment. These certificates are widely recognized in the online marketing industry and add credibility to your professional profile.

In addition, all certification courses are regularly updated, which is why the certified students must renew their qualifications every year.

Apart from digital marketing courses, HubSpot Academy also offers creative writing, storytelling, customer experience, customer service, and lead generation.

Try HubSpot Academy Now

Udemy Alternative #8: Semrush Academy

Semrush Academy

If you want to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing from the best in the business, Semrush Academy is the perfect place for you.

Semrush is the world’s leading market research, search analysis, and competitor insights tool that recently acquired Backlinko, a leading SEO publication, to revive its online education content.

In partnership with Brian Dean, Backlinko’s founder, Semrush Academy now offers 50+ world-class HD video courses on on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, content marketing strategy, email marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, brand strategy, online reputation management, and various other digital marketing topics.

Semrush Academy course with Brian Dean

The courses on Semrush Academy are taught by marketers at the forefront of everything happening in the SEO industry. This not only makes these courses valuable but ensures that you get to hear the most effective SEO and digital marketing strategies directly from the experts.

Try Semrush Academy

Udemy Alternative #9: Shopify Learn

There’s no bigger eCommerce platform than Shopify.

And this makes Shopify Learn a fantastic place for anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of eCommerce, start an online store, and venture into different eCommerce business models like dropshipping and private labeling.

It contains dozens of short and modular courses taught by hugely successful eCommerce marketers, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

For example, the Facebook advertising course on Shopify Learn is taught by Ezra Firestone, a well-known marketer running multiple seven-figure online stores.

Shopify Learn Facebook Ads course

All Shopify Learn courses are free, and you only need to create a Shopify account to access them. These courses contain much more valuable, credible, and actionable information about eCommerce and online marketing than most courses on Udemy.

So, if you want to learn eCommerce marketing from scratch, enroll now.

Try Shopify Learn

Udemy Alternative #10: Codecademy

CodeAcademy popular courses

Codecademy makes coding, programming, and tech education accessible and understandable for beginners and people looking to switch careers.

It contains hundreds of free and premium courses covering every aspect of computer programming and all skill levels. You can find courses on Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, and many other languages and frameworks.

CodeAcademy popular topics

Codecademy not only provides you with learning resources but also guides you toward your ideal career path in tech. If you’re unsure where to start, take Codecademy’s quiz to get tailored recommendations according to your interest and qualification.

While many fundamental programming courses are free on Codecademy, you’ll need to subscribe to a premium plan (starting from $13.99/month) to access the more advanced courses and learning tracks.

Try Codecademy Now

Udemy Alternative #11: DataCamp

Datacamp - Build data and AI skills

DataCamp is a dedicated platform for online courses on AI, machine learning, and everything related to data sciences. With more than 11 million students worldwide, Datacamp is the perfect place for anyone looking to enhance skills and build expertise in Python, SQL, ChatGPT, and anything related to data engineering.

Instead of offering standalone courses, DataCamp has learning tracks designed to help students build specific skill sets or prepare for different career positions. So even if you’ve no clue about data sciences, you can choose the beginner learning track and start from the fundamentals of data sciences all the way to its advanced modules.

Considering we live in the AI age, the skills you get from DataCamp can place you among the top 10% of professionals with the relevant data skills organizations look for worldwide.

The best part? You can access everything DataCamp offers for just $9.11/month.

Try DataCamp Now

Udemy Alternative #12: edX

edX home page

edX was founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2012 to make modern skills and knowledge accessible to everyone. So, you can be sure about the quality of their content and online courses.

Currently, edX offers over 4000 courses, certifications, and degree programs in various disciplines by the world’s top universities, corporations, and academic institutions.

edX catalog

edX has hundreds of free courses along with premium certifications and degree programs for a certain fee.

If you want to enhance your skills and qualifications in management, marketing, coding, architecture, design, or any other professional field, edX is worth checking out.

Try edX Now

Udemy Alternative #13: FutureLearn

FutureLearn home page

FutureLearn is another online platform where you can purchase online courses, follow learning tracks, get micro-credentials, or enroll in complete degree programs from some of the world’s most reputable academic institutions.

All courses are taught by professionals and university professors, meaning the content quality is always top-notch.

FutureLearn Understanding Mental Health course

FutureLearn differs from other online learning platforms because it focuses on group learning. So whether you sign up for a short course or a micro-credential, you’ll have several coursemates and a community group to interact with your peers and share ideas.

You can access FutureLearn for a monthly subscription fee or by purchasing standalone courses or learning programs.

Try FutureLearn Now

Udemy Alternative #14: Great Learning

Great Learning - Upskill with online certificate programs

Great Learning offers online courses and degree programs in AI, machine learning, coding, design, product development, and management by the world’s leading universities.

Think of it as edX for tech education.

However, Great Learning’s main strength is professional online degree programs spread over 6 months to 2 years in various universities.

Great Learning Texas McCombs course

These programs are conducted live in a classroom environment with groups of students. They also include regular class assignments, projects, quizzes, and assessments.

Great Learning also has an online course library containing several hundred free online courses. But they’re not as comprehensive as some other options on this list.

Try Great Learning Now

Udemy Alternative #15: Udacity

Udacity home page

Udacity is among the top online learning platforms for tech skills. It offers on-demand courses, nano degree programs, and full-length learning tracks to help you acquire and enhance your skills in digital marketing, AI, cybersecurity, product design, product management, and other tech-related topics.

Udacity nanodegree in artificial intelligence

Udacity was founded by former Google executive Sebastian Thrun. The platform stands out for its latest and frequently updated courses taught by some of the brightest minds in the tech industry.

Most of its courses are designed in-house with specific learning goals for students. So, it’s not as affordable as some of the other options on this list.

However, it does offer different discounts and scholarships for students and professionals meeting their criteria.

Try Udacity Now

Udemy Alternative #16: Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage - Learn the skills of the future

Google is synonymous with innovation and is leading the charge everywhere, from AI, online search, advertising, and numerous other areas.

So, what better place to learn new skills than Google’s own academy?

At Google Digital Garage, you can start as a total newbie by learning the fundamentals of online marketing, eCommerce, SEO, and coding. Its courses are intentionally designed for beginners using simple terminologies, low-complexity examples, and a limited learning scope.

It will help you prepare for more advanced courses, and learning tracks that some of the other platforms in this list offer.

Try Google Digital Garage

Udemy Alternative #17: Masterclass

MasterClass home page

Imagine learning how to cook under Gordon Ramsey’s wings or environmental conservation directly from Dr. Jane Goodall.

Masterclass makes this possible by helping you learn from over 180 globally renowned experts in diverse fields like cooking, social sciences, personal branding, media, arts, sports, and wellness.

MasterClass Jan Goodall course

Shot in-house in the highest production quality, Masterclass courses are bite-sized lessons that deliver specific knowledge directly from the world’s best.

Considering the value Masterclass offers, its monthly subscription fee of $15/month is almost too good to be true.

Try MasterClass Now

What Udemy Alternatives Will You Try?

Udemy’s biggest strength is that it’s an open marketplace where you can learn from anyone for a small fee. However, that’s also its biggest weakness. This is why almost all the Udemy alternatives we’ve discussed focus on specific fields instead of mastering all subjects. Still, Udemy is a valuable platform for anyone just beginning their online learning journey. But once you know your direction, use one of these alternatives to specialize in your field and become a real expert.

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