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50 Ways We Learn

I am, undoubtedly, under the influence of having seen Paul Simon in concert recently, but I have also been contemplating the really limited view most of us seem to hold of what “counts” as

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10 Ways to Exercise Your Human Right to Learn

How deeply do you appreciate – and take advantage of – the freedom you have to learn and grow continually? This post was originally written for Blog Action Day when the focus was on human

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How to Become a Reflection Ninja: After Action Reviews

Back in the heyday of buzz about “the learning organization” as a concept, David Garvin wrote about the Army’s practice of After Action Reviews (AARs).  The practice is deceptively simple,

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Ready to jump the curve on your lifelong learning journey?

I’ve had the experience before in life – as I am sure you have – of becoming absorbed in a new skill or topic, learning a tremendous amount, but then hitting a plateau at some point and

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For creative problem solving, bust these 6 perceptual blocks

Often one of the main barriers to solving a problem is an inability to see the problem in a way that is likely to spark solutions. A source I return to again and again to help me with creative problem

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10 Brain Links Worth Clicking

For those of you who haven’t yet decided to follow Mission to Learn on Twitter (You know who you are.), here’s a round up of some exquisite links I’ve tweeted lately on the general topic

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What does it mean to be a lifelong learner?

I’ve taken a shot before at defining learning as I see it, but I’ve always felt the definition alone falls short of capturing what it means to be a lifelong learner. As I have considered the

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15 Ways of the Successful Self-Directed Learner

The “why” of self-directed learning is survival—your own survival as an individual, and also the survival of the human race.  Clearly, we are not talking here about something that would be nice

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