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This Is Learning

If you woke up this morning and looked around, you were learning.

In fact, there’s plenty of research to suggest that you were learning even before you woke up.

As you make your way through the day, adjusting, adapting, deciding, making sense of and interacting with the world, you are learning.

When you collaborate with others

… or engage in any of these activities and more …

… you are learning.

When you look back and reflect on the day, the previous week, the years you have lived, you are learning.

Unfortunately, we tend to confuse learning with education. With training. With taking classes, courses, workshops, and earning degrees.

This confusion creates all sorts of problems because it tempts people, even well-meaning people, with the wrong solutions.

We’d do better to cultivate a more mindful attitude toward everyday life, to recognize the opportunity for learning present in nearly every moment.

To embrace the responsibility for engaging with that opportunity much more often.

To recognize that, if you want it to be, this thing you are doing right now – this is learning.


Image by David Yu from Pixabay

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