Saturday Morning Idea Engine Revs Up Again

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I did a “Saturday Morning Idea Engine” post a few weeks ago and have been thinking since then that maybe I should start making it a regular feature. Please comment and share your thoughts on that. In the meantime, I thought I’d rev the engine and take it out for another test drive.

This time around the main idea that has occurred to me is that I often don’t need to look any further than readers here for some great ideas. With that idea in mind, I took  a look at comments on some recent posts and came up with some great suggestions for managing your ongoing learning.

The first is from Avil Beckford, who writes the great Invisible Mentor blog. In a comment on “How Do You Read A Book?” Avil shared some helpful posts she has done on getting the most out of reading – certainly a highly useful skill for the average lifelong learner!

It must be serendipity that we are in the same head space. My blog post today is Reading and Listening Plan Process, which includes reference guides on how to read. As a voracious reader, I am always talking about reading, and often take notes in the front of the book when I reading because I do book reviews. I have a series of questions that I like to answer to get the most from my reading.

Here are three related blog posts to assist when reading books:

Meanwhile, on a recent post asking “Who are your curators?” reader  Eric Wilbanks commented that he finds both Twitter and Facebook useful as curation tools. (Agree on the former, but I struggle a bit with the latter.) Reader Luise Barnikel at IsssueLab adds that the “share” function on Google Reader is also a great tool. (Google Reader , in general, is one of my favorite curation tools.)

A favorite curation tool of mine is the “share” functionality on Google Reader. I can follow people who I know share good information, and then I have a complete feed of new blog posts and sites which have been vetted by the folks I follow. It’s how I found THIS post! :)

I also curate my own info stream on nonprofit marketing, knowledge sharing and information management via Google Reader, and anybody is welcome to follow or subscribe: https://www.google.com/reader/shared/luise.barnikel

Great ideas for managing personal learning. Got any you’d like to share? Help me rev up the Saturday Morning Idea Engine. (And let me know if you would like this as a regular feature.)


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