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When's the last time you asked why?

To act without knowing why; to do things as they have always been done, without asking why; to engage in an activity all one’s life without really understanding what it is about and how it relates

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I’ve been thinking about discipline and learning a lot lately. (Feel free to pause and savor the full flavor of “learning” as a gerund.) A recent post from Andrew Sullivan in timesonline, via Nicholas

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5 Traits of the Super Learner

How strong is your capacity to learn? Can you leap complex concepts with a single bound? Master a new language faster than a speeding locomotive? Roll your eyes at hyperbole without even blinking? Perhaps

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Five Themes for the Web 2.0 Learner

In recent post I mentioned that Mission to Learn turned one on May 15. (Note: this was way back in 2008 (!) – but this post has remained relevant.) As chance would have it, I spoke on a Web 2.0

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What Have I Learned at Work?

Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets each of us possesses in this increasingly “flat” world, and so much of our knowledge is acquired through our day-to-day learning experiences at our jobs.

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Things You Don’t Understand Are Things You Can Learn

Particularly with more than 100 free places to learn online. He gets referenced by so many other bloggers that I tend not to point to Seth Godin all that much on Mission to Learn. Today, however, Seth

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The Will to Learn: Have You Got It?

“Repetition is the mother of learning” was a phrase often repeated back in my days of learning and teaching Russian. I believe it is true, particularly for learning a language. It is also true that

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