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A 3-Step Review and Reflection Process

In addition to the brief periods of reflection I engage in on a daily and weekly basis,  I try my best to take some significant time at least a couple times of year to look back over the previous months

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Applying the 6 Key Adult Learning Principles to Yourself

It’s been years since Malcolm Knowles, considered by many to be the “father of adult learning,” articulated a set of six adult learning principles – “assumptions,”

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5 Powerful Lifelong Learning Strategies for Your Toolbox

There is a good chance that, back in the day, you were not taught the most effective ways to learn. Certainly that seems to be the case today. In a an article in American Educator, Kent State professor

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5 Lifelong Learning Power Tips for the Serious Learner

As I’ve noted before here on Mission to Learn, I am a fan of the courses that the The Great Courses offers, and one of my particular favorites is How We Learn with Professor Monisha Pasupathi of

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