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This is where you can find out about what most Web sites classify as “advertising” options. I prefer the term sponsorship for a number of reasons.

Here’s what I mean

First and foremost, while I certainly want you to benefit from the exposure and potential revenue that comes from appearing on Mission to Learn, I also want to make sure we work with organizations that are broadly supportive of our overall mission and that offer products and services that really align with the needs of readers. Visitors to Mission to Learn are smart group looking for learning resources and insights that improve their lives. Whatever you are promoting should align with that need.

Second, we don’t just sell you a banner ad on the site. As you will see below, sponsorship means that you get broad exposure across multiple Mission to Learn channels.

All of this feels more like sponsorship to me than traditional advertising.

Here’s what I do not me

We do not write paid reviews, sell links within our posts, or otherwise accept money or goods for the specific content we publish here on Mission to Learn.

We also won’t accept sponsorships from just anyone. Getting a little revenue to support the site is great, but if what you are offering really isn’t a fit for our readers, we’ll pass.

Here’s what you get

To keep things simple, we offer just one standard sponsorship package:

  • As sponsor, you will receive one of the 125 * 125 banner blocks to the right side of the page. We post a maximum of six of these, and they get rotated clockwise every five to seven days so that the all sponsors receive the same level of visibility over the course of a month.
  • You will be announced as a sponsor at the beginning of each Radio Free Learning podcast during your sponsorship period.
  • You will be noted as a sponsor at the beginning of each new edition of the Learning Monitor e-newsletter that is issued during your sponsorship period.
  • You will be featured in the feature box in one post during your sponsorship

Here’s what it costs

As you will see from our Feedburner counter, Mission to Learn does not have the subscriber base of a Mashable or Zen Habits (yet ;-), but the site is growing rapidly (200% over the past two months) and it serves a very targeted audience for any organization that offers lifelong learning products and services. So what’s the bottom line?

  • A one-month sponsorship is $175.
  • Pay for a quarter in advance, and it will cost you $450.
  • Pay for six months in advance, and it will cost you $750

All payment is due up front, and all sponsorships cycles start on the first calendar day of the month following payment. Just contact us to get started – and thanks so much for your interest in Mission to Learn!.

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