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10 Personal Favorites from the M2L Archives

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[tweetmeme] Not too long ago I published the all-time top 10 posts on Mission to Learn based on the number of page views those posts have received. Getting a lot of page views is great – it means a lot of people are visiting the site – but the posts that are the most popular aren’t necessarily my favorites. Here, in no particular order, are 10 I’ve published over the years that haven’t made it into the ranks of the most popular but nonetheless rank very high in my own heart and mind:

  • About Memory – Podcast with Fiona McPherson (Two Parts)
    I’ve done quite a few Radio Free Learning podcasts here on Mission to Learn, and I encourage you to check them all out if you haven’t already. This two-part series with memory expert Fiona McPherson is my personal favorite, however. If you have the least interest in how memory works and how you might improve your own, this is a must-listen.
  • 3 Key Practices of the Sophisticated Learner
    The Sophists, a misunderstood and maligned group of Greek philosophers, have had a peculiar amount of influence in my life. In this post I apply “sophisticated,” in its true sense, to the practice of learning.
  • 7 LinkedIn Tactics for Lifelong Learning
    I wrote this post quite a while ago, but I think LinkedIn has still not made much progress towards being appreciated as a learning tool. Here are 7 ways it can be used.
  • 5 Themes for the Web 2.0 Learner
    Some good comments on this one have been lost as a result of server crash a while back, but the thoughts in it are foundational to my view of learning here at Mission to Learn. I welcome any thoughts you have on the topic.

There you have it. I hope you enjoy these, and thanks for reading Mission to Learn.


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