Learn to Tweet, Tweet to Learn

I’ve become increasingly fond of Twitter as a tool in my learning mix. I use it as one way of making notes on my travels across the Web and sharing them with others. I also use the hashtag functionality as one of the ways to track various topics of interest or to “channel” topics or issues I am finding into a single stream. For example, I have created #learningmonitor to tag items that I am considering for the monthly Learning Monitor newsletter.

Not sure what a hashtag is, or for that matter, how to send out a “tweet”? Check out the excellent presentation below from Jane Hart. And when you are done, consider adding Twitter to your learning mix. (If you don’t see the presentation, click through to the original post. I also recommend clicking the “full” icon toward the lower left of the Slideshare box to view the presentation in full-screen mode.)

(Note: Jane has embedded video from Commoncraft in this and Slideshare seems to set it autoplay – at least in Safari.) Click forward a few screens until you get to the video and hit “pause” to stop the audio. A pain, but worth it for the content.)

Jeff Cobb
Mission to Learn

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