The Short Goodbye


A couple of posts back I wrote about Acting on the Obvious. Well, one of the obvious things in my own life is that I have not been able to give Mission to Learn the attention I’d like to lately, and it’s probably time to take a brief break rather than trying to “phone it in.” This approach also happens to jibe with what I have written before about reflection and under-appreciated learning strategies. So…  I am going to take my own advice and sign off until sometime the week of February 8.

But before I go …

Sincere thanks to everyone who visits the site, and in particular, to subscribers. Visits and subscriptions have both nearly quadrupled over the course of the past year, and it’s been truly great to hear from others who are on mission to learn. I wish you all the best with your learning efforts in this new year.

And while I am gone …

If you happen to show up here for the first time or are a regular with some time on your hands, you may want to check out the recent 10 Most Popular Posts of All Time on Mission to Learn or 10 Personal Favorites from the M2L Archives. Or maybe listen to some Radio Free Learning podcasts or subscribe to the Learning Monitor.

I am also happy to accept guest posts while I’m off.

But better yet …

There are so many great other blogs to visit, so I’d like to suggest a few. In 2009, I had the great fortune to participate in uber-blogger Leo Babauta’s A-List Blogging Bootcamp as part of my own personal development.  As a result, I’ve become aware of a number of great bloggers who are really dedicated to learning how to be even better bloggers. Here are a few that have jumped out at me and/or I thought might be of particular interest to readers here. I’d encourage you to pay them a visit.

Self Development

Business and Career


This list isn’t even close to complete, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too long a list. Have fun exploring, and I’ll “see” you in a few weeks.


P.S. – I don’t have any sort of affiliate or other business relationship with the A-list Blogging Bootcamp. I am just a participant, a fan, and a “customer evangelist.” If you are serious about growing your own blog in 2010, it’s definitely worth a look.

2 thoughts on “The Short Goodbye”

  1. I think it demonstrates your own awareness and understanding when you take some time off when you need to.

    I look forward to reading your posts when you get back, this is a great Blog 🙂

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