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10 Bias Patterns That Impact Your Life and Learning

I’ve written about bias on a number of occasions – here , for example, and here – and I continue to believe it is one of the most significant barriers to learning that human beings

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The ever tightening link between sleep, learning, and memory

It’s been a while since my last post on sleep and learning. During that time, evidence suggesting the critical connection between sleep, learning, and memory has continued to accumulate. For a poor

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The Future and Learning – Connecting the Dots

The learning landscape continues to evolve in very interesting ways. I’ve noticed lately, for example, that artificial intelligence (AI) seems to finally be getting significant traction. Enough so that

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15 Minutes to a Less Biased Mind

A while back I planned to write series on barriers to learning, but I was stopped in my tracks when I tried to write about what I perceive as one of the most insidious barriers: cognitive bias. I was heartened,

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Lies, Damn Lies…and What We Believe Anyway

I’ve been increasingly disturbed in recent years by the amount of misinformation that seems to flow through the political system in the United States. In relative terms, I doubt it has increased any

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