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More than 50 Web Widgets for Your Learning Mix

I’ve been hunting widgets. My aim in doing this was to create a companion piece to my recent More than 100 Free Places to Learn Online posting. In the spirit of that posting, I went out to see what

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Imagine There’s No Courses

Or seminars. Or workshops. It’s easy if you try. At least, for you, a reader of this blog, it may be easy. Chances are good that, if you are here, you are already accustomed to learning from a wide

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Points of Reference, Comfort, and the Digital Curator

Jay Cross has posted a couple of times recently on documents seminal to learning and the net, basically pointing to the list of readings he is putting together on his wiki. It’s a good list, and I recommend

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The Tragedy of Open Education? A Look at a New Blog

I was contacted recently by Tom Hanson about the launch of Open Education, a new blog focused on—you guessed it—open education. As frequent readers of Mission to Learn know, I mention open education

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More on the Digital Curator

I’m still in the midst of a lot of travel, so I had planned on following a path similar to my last posting on the Digital Curator, etc. and pointing to interesting things that other bloggers are doing.

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Digital Curator to the Stars

I’m in the midst of a very heavy two-week travel schedule. That means I am spending many of my off hours (i.e., blogging hours) on planes, and given that I just don’t write very well on planes, it

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Learning as a Key to Social Media Success

As I’ve written in  various places, I believe social media technologies can greatly enhance online learning opportunities. To me—and, I suspect, to most Mission to Learn readers—the equation

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Free Learning: More than 100 Sources – and Counting

Note: Free learning opportunities have skyrocketed in recent years. I actually wrote this post some years ago – before Khan Academy, MOOC providers like EDx and Coursera, platforms like Degreed,

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