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Right around the time of my critique of Andrew Keen’s article in Associations Now last week I received notice from the Development Gateway of its new OER Introduction Booklet.  This seemed like good fodder for a posting that might continue the counter argument against Keen’s elitist line of thinking. Zaid Ali Alsagoff, however, has already discussed the new OER booklet in a post on Zaidlearn and followed it with another excellent post on open educational resources earlier this week. This is one of those occasions where I think it is best for me to simply point to the good work of another blogger.

Related to OER, however, I will mention that I have continued (and will continue) to add to my original posting, OER – Open Educational Resources, as I’d like to try to centralize the bulk of the OER resources I collect on this site for easier access. One resource I came across recently (though it is not a new resource) is a video of Richard Baraniuk, from Rice’s Connexions project, speaking in February 2006 on open source learning. His talk is titled "Goodbye, textbooks; hello, open-source learning." It is embedded below for those reading this on the Mission to Learn site. Those reading in an RSS reader can link to it on the TED site.

The slides from the Baraniuk presentation (or something close to them) are available in PDF form. Obviously, the vision that Baraniuk presents here continues not only at Connexions, but also in the many other places that Zaid has highlighted in his posts.


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  1. Dear Jeff Cobb,
    It is good to know the people are actually reading and reflecting what I post 🙂
    Thanks for all the feedback, linking and appreciation!
    Also, I am glad that I have got to know you in an online way 🙂
    You also being an OER enthusiast makes it even better 🙂
    Warm Regards,

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