Podcast with Mindbites’ Jason Reneau

Nearly two years ago a friend introduced me to Jason Reneau, who at the time was in the process of getting his new company, MindBites, off the ground. Since then, I’ve watched as MindBites and a number of other “teach-learn-share” sites, as I tend to think of them, have sprouted and grown. Some of these sites are free. Some -as is the case with MindBites – offer a commercial marketplace where teachers and learners connect. Nearly all of of them, in my opinion, are great examples of how increased bandwidth, the tools of the social Web, and more usable, affordable authoring tools have revolutionized access to learning.

Recently, I dropped Jason a line to see if he would be willing to chat on the Radio Free Learning podcast. In our conversation we talk about what MindBites offers, but more importantly, we talk about some of the ways in which the Web has changed how we approach lifelong learning.

Here’s the MP3 file link in case you do not see the audio player below (or click through to the original blog post).


Download MP3 file (25.48 minutes/11.8 MB)

And be sure to check out the Baby Sign Language series with Laura Berg that Jason refers to in the interview

Transcript coming soon

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