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4 Essential Questions to Ask

As you might imagine, I spend a lot of time thinking about what it really means to be a lifelong learner, or from a slightly different angle, what it really means to be engaged in lifelong learning.

For today, at least, it seems to me it comes down to four essential questions.

In the end, what is the story I want to be able to tell of my life?

Who do I need to become to tell this story?

What needs to change for me to become this person?

How will I pursue making this change happen?

Nobody has the complete, unchanging answers to these questions, of course. But it is the asking of the questions and the pursuit of the answers that is lifelong learning.

What knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes might I need to be this person?

How will I go about pursuing these attitudes, behaviors, skills, and knowledge?

Ask. Keep asking.

And then, continue the lifelong process of answering.


Photo source: https://pixabay.com/en/thinker-at-a-loss-consider-play-1294493/

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