7 Language Learning Widget Sources

Learn10-widgetWant a way to add a little language learning to your blog or Web site – or in some cases your Facebook, iPhone, or other digital channels? Here are 7 sources for widgets that may fit the bill. (Not sure exactly what a widget is? Check out the explanation from Jim Pettiward on BBC Learning English.)


The Learn 10 widget is a “tool for building vocabulary when learning a language. Users are shown a dynamic list of 10 words from a chosen language pair. Learn10 can be positioned on social network homepages, search engines & blogs, and is available as a Google gadget which can be added to any web page. Subscription to extra features (such as sound) is an option for users. Learn10 is designed to work using the techniques of advertising: frequent exposure to a stimulus in a variety of locations.” The Learn10 widget currently works for Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Welsh, English, Czech, Arabic, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Norwegian, Italian, French, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Hindi, and Danish. And here’s a YouTube video on how to use the Learn10 widget.


Language Tools Widget

The Language Tools widget from Tropical PC Solutions allows you to search multiple online dictionaries and it will also translate text into various languages.

Internet Polyglot Word Widget

This Internet Polyglot Word Widget widget “shows a random word in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. You can click a speaker icon and hear audio pronunciation of this word in these languages. Click “Next” and see the next random word of the day.”Internet-Polyglot-Widget

China 8

China 8 offers searchable dictionaries, phrases, brief lessons and photos in blog and Web site widgets for learners of Mandarin Chinese.

Rockie Lingomigo

Lingmigo offers blog and Web site Widgets for connecting with others that want to learn Spanish or Portuguese.

Word of the Day from Language Learning

The Word of the Day Widget from Language Learning is “an easy way for you to learn a new word each day, and allow all of the visitors to your site the same opportunity!” Language Learning offers widgets for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.


Word of the Day from Transparent Language

Transparent Language offers one of the more comprehensive collection of Word of the Day Widgets across multiple languages. “Why learn a word a day? Simply click on any “more about this word” button below to visit the specific language. Sometimes we’re flooded with so much information that we don’t have time to digest what we learn. Word of the Day gives you 24 hours to meditate on a single word, reading it, hearing it, and seeing it used in real sentences. We figure sometimes slow and steady wins the race.”

Know of other widgets you think should be in this list? Be sure to comment and let Mission to Learn readers know about them.

Jeff Cobb
Mission to Learn

P.S. – Be sure to check out other language learning resources here on Mission to Learn.

7 thoughts on “7 Language Learning Widget Sources”

  1. Hello everyone. A few weeks ago my friend bought a smart widget LangRing. Have you already tried it? I must say, it is really enjoyable way to learn irregular verbs. I would say it is for those who wish to learn language and not to get bored.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Helen – I know many readers here will find FreeTranslation.com useful. – Jeff

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