Free Language Learning Resources – The Master List

UniversitiesandColleges.org’s Master List of Free Language Learning Resources is an impressive list of courses, podcasts, and iPhone applications covering a wide range of languages. If you are out to pick up or brush up on a language, it is a great starting place.

One of the things I like about the list – and a large part of the reason that I mention it here – is that the author has done a good job of organizing the resources. Too often these kinds of lists are purely about quantity in an effort to attract links. In this case, however, an initial table of contents is provided along with additional navigational tools for locating the language and resource of interest. Here’s a screen shot from the courses section to give you an idea of what I mean:

Language Courses

If learning a language online, on you iPod, or on your iPhone is part of your summer learning plan, definitely take a look at this list. And also check out the range of language learning resources here on Mission to Learn.


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