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15 Free Online Collaboration Tools and Apps

CollaborationWe rarely learn in isolation. The vast majority of our learning is social, and whether we are aware of it or not, most of that social learning occurs when we are collaborating with others. Because of what the Internet makes possible, we no longer have to be in the same room with others to collaborate effectively. There are free tools for online conferencing, collaborative writing and editing, file sharing, private communication, and desktop sharing – and countless other activities.

Here are 15 free online collaboration tools and apps to try today:

Keep and Share – Keep and Share is a group file sharing system. Accounts are password-controlled and secure enough to store sensitive information.

Wridea – Wridea makes it easy to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues, team members, and fellow learners. This brainstorming tool organizes and categorizes ideas onto different pages, provides unlimited storage, and allows users to comment on topics and ideas.

Writeboard – Whiteboard is free collaborative writing software. It can be used to write, edit, track changes, and rollback to previous versions.

Twiddla – Twiddla works very well for online meetings or co-browsing. Groups can use it to mark-up and comment on web pages, images, and other content.

Spicebird – This open source platform is an all-in-one suite of communication tools for people who want to collaborate online. Features include email, instant messaging, and an online calendar.

Stixy – Stixy works like an online bulletin board or whiteboard. It offers a work space where you can place content and collaborate with other people on the web.

ReviewBasics – This free online service is great for people who are collaborating and editing different types of content. ReviewBasics allows users to share, annotate, and markup everything from images and videos to documents.

EditGrid – EditGrid is a web-based application that works a lot like Microsoft Excel. Special features include sharing, collaborating, and publishing capabilities.

ooVoo – ooVoo offers a free 2-way video chat service and a 6-way text chat. The site can also be used to record and send short video messages.

Palbee – Palbee is a free video conferencing tool with multiple capabilities. Users can conduct video meetings with other people or record a video presentation for later viewing.

GroupTweet – GroupTweet is designed for Twitter users who want to be able to communicate and collaborate privately.

Edmodo – Edmodo is rather like a private Twitter. Students and teachers can use this free (and private) microblogging platform to communicate online. Edmodo also provides file sharing and file storage.

SimplyBox – SimplyBox allows users to capture specific images, text, and video and then organize their finding into an easy-to-share box. Conversations and comments can then be placed around the box and shared once more.

Mikogo – This free desktop sharing software can be used for online meetings, web conferences, presentations, remote support, and other collaborative efforts. Mikogo is incredibly simple to use and download.

Vyew – Vyew is a relatively new collaboration platform that can be used for webinars, online conferences, and real-time learning and instruction. No installation is required and all activity can be tracked and logged.

Keep in mind that while you are using tools like the ones listed here, you are learning, whether you are conscious of it or not.  You are benefiting from the knowledge and experience of others and sharing your own experience. To make sure you get the most out of collaborating, be sure to check out some of the tips we offer here on being a productive and effective learner, like:.

This was originally a guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer, though it has been modified some over time. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School. She also writes about online courses for OnlineCourses.org.

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Dan Decker says

Hi Jeff, I suggest if you have a small team working remotely this https://allthatsaas.com/roundup/best-online-collaboration-tools/ list can help a lot for free. 🙂

Laura says

My favorite collaboration tool is https://kanbantool.com/ . There’s a free option, 2 boards and 2 members using it. Plus you can test all of the available options for free for 14 days. Check it out, I think it’s great!

Anthonio says

I would recommend Finclock a good combination of time, task and project management. check it out here https://finclock.com/project-management-system/

Ramesh says

Very well defined, thank you for this interesting article I am using FLEEP collaboration tool which helps me a lot in my business. It is also a better alternative of slack. Check out here: https://fleep.io

Sejal says

You may want to add one more tool, R-HUB TurboMeeting for online collaboration which supports PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It provides web and HD video conferencing, remote support and remote access, live streaming, etc. It is in-house, secure and supports unlimited users.

Ashpreet says

Nice list of tools. I would also like to suggest one more tool for project management i.e ProofHub. It is packed with powerful features to eliminate the need of having too many different tools to run your business. For detailed information, you can have a look on https://www.proofhub.com.

Janis says

Got to add Hitask to this list. They are pretty easy to use, great support, and has free options.

Anwer says

i am using taskque i will recommend
https://taskque.com/ it has unique Que feature is an effective task assignment process that automatically assigns tasks to resources that are available or free.

Sharon Thomson says

Great list. I’d like to add ProofHub in this list. ProofHub is a web-based project management and collaboration software that helps you manage, schedule, discuss, work and communicate with your clients and team members. https://www.proofhub.com/

Paul chbt says

Hi, nice list! I would add Zenintranet, http://www.zenintra.net it enables you to access different tools (leave management, expenses management, crm, file sharing) with a single login… and it’s FREE. Try it ?

JDill says

Hey, in addition to above, you may try a R-HUB web conferencing server for all your online meeting needs.

AlexNavia says

I would recommend,


Riffpad fosters information flow within the secure environment of an enterprise space. It allows dispersed teams to work together seamlessly and productively.

Unlike bloated “full featured” software that is difficult to comprehend, it is designed to be simple to learn and use with a vastly reduced learning curve. This makes Riffpad the ideal collaborative platform for small companies.

AlexNavia says


Riffpad fosters information flow within the secure environment of an enterprise space. It allows dispersed teams to work together seamlessly and productively.

Unlike bloated “full featured” software that is difficult to comprehend, it is designed to be simple to learn and use with a vastly reduced learning curve. This makes Riffpad the ideal collaborative platform for small companies.

Alle says

I use Proofhub to organize my projects. Have a look at https://www.proofhub.com

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Hybrid Pedagogy | Experiments in Mass Collaboration says

[…] addition to the tools we’ve listed in the concordance on this site, click here for a list of 15 (somewhat more obscure) free online collaboration tools. And for even bigger forms […]

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[…] had the same results via technology as in person, increased learning opportunities. Try incorporating free savvy tools for online collaboration such as Stixy, an online shared whiteboard space, Google groups, or Mikogo for online meetings. Be […]

Docs9 says

Docs9 is a much better alternative, and best of all it’s the easiest, simplest to use in my experience so far.


I could have a live presentation ready to share in a matter of seconds. The coolest part was everything from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel to OpenOffice Writer, Impress, Calc even Google Docs is handled in the exact same way. Because this works purely in a browser, most of my participants enjoyed watching my presentation on their iPhones, Androids, even iPads. Few yet were impressed they could use their old browsers, and for first time had nothing to setup or configure at all!

Upload, and Share.

Some corporate organizations might want to take a look at support for Visio, and Microsoft Project as well. It was a relief not having to ask my participants if they have Visio, or Project installed.

It seems to have grown quite popular amongst young entrepreneurs who collaborate ideas, some self-employed individuals such as teachers, but some corporate organizations seem to favor Docs9 coupled with Skype for most of their online meetings. It has been a huge time saver for many.

Eugene says

This is also good.
The software works well, Ammyy Admin doesn’t require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN.

Aliasgar Babat says

Hey. It is a very good article regarding various online collaboration tools. Implementing Online collaboration tools is need of hour for almost of types of businesses in order to save time, money, costs etc. Companies can use various online collaboration tools such as WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. in order to conduct webinars, web conferences etc. One can even consider deployment of online collaboration appliance such as RHUB appliances.

Facilitating Collaborative Learning: 20 Things You Need to Know From the Pros : InformED says

[…] had the same results via technology as in person, increased learning opportunities. Try incorporating free savvy tools for online collaboration such as Stixy, an online shared whiteboard space, Google groups, or Mikogo for online meetings. Be […]

Jamilah says

We use Dooster https://www.dooster.net which has been a great success although it’s good to hear about other software.

Dave J says

Try https://www.SymphonyOffice.Com.

Shared document repository with Microsoft Office integration
Communication: Team calendars, webmail, task management and contact management
Integrated threaded discussions, blogs, and wikis with related content and federated search
Searchable LinkedIn-style User Profiles with user tagging, user search, friends, and integrated chat

Marianna Mills says

We are a small IT company and use the product https://www.teamwox.com, you can try it, maybe it suits you. Or you can look for other systems.

Mark says

Another tool that worth a try and perhaps some support too:

Dasha says

If you’re looking for a tool that would help you plan work together, collaborate on docs and discuss work in real-time – then Wrike might be a great match. A couple of months ago we launched a free version for those whoo need an efficient tool, but have a tight budget. If you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to sign up at http://www.wrike.com.

Mike says

Dooster’s good and basically free at $3.95 a month.

Henry says

I started using TAWKLE.COM . it offers unlimited uploads and downloads . its free of cost . you should all check it out

Collaborative Learning Online Resources | Easy & Fast Exam.com says

[…] 15 Free Online Collaborative Learning Tools and Apps […]

Jan says

Hi everyone,

I would also like to bring our online collaboration tool to your attention. Fabasoft Folio Cloud is available as a free “primo” edition with 5gb of online storage to use as you desire.

Please visit https://www.foliocloud.com/b2b-collaboration-with-international-partners_en.html to learn more about Folio Cloud and register right there.

John S says

If you are looking for a really reliable and state of the art solution that has all-in-one pack and cost pennies try http://www.workcollaboration.com Free 30 days trial is available.

If you have any questions please write us at support@workcollaboration.com

Great value for a great price. Complexity simplified.

Sir Pencilot says

You can often tell the quality of a web article by the helpfulness of its comments. Here we find an engaged bunch of readers collaborating to make the article even more useful than the original author did, by contributing yet more awesome tools to the list. Well done, and thank you. 🙂

Jack says

Collaboration software is a must-have in today’s workplace which is of course at home or in the taxi much of the time. We use Dooster which had a free trial period. We feel now as if we would have got it anyway though.

David Robins says

Great article and lots of good collaboration apps. Please also check https://www.binfire.com . It has great project management and collaboration features and a free plan with full functionality (limited by number of project and storage) for small teams is also available.

raa says

very informative and useful for our students

Online Collaboration Software says

There are many benefits to using an Online Collaboration Software when you are working on projects with a team that is spread out across the world. Even if your entire team is in the same country it can be hard to meet up in person to discuss important details of any project. Here we will tell you a few of the benefits that an online collaboration software can offer you when you are working on medium or large projects with a large team. There are many more benefits than this but you will understand from these few things how greatly valuable this tool can be for your business.

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[…] can you incorporate another collaborative tool such as skype to provide audio? Look at the Mission to Learn website for more […]

Week 5 Reflection « lynnburleigh says

[…] can you incorporate another collaborative tool such as skype to provide audio? Look at the Mission to Learn website for more […]

Shannon Lehotsky says

Wiggio is a another free resource that makes it easy to collaborate on projects. With Wiggio, you can upload files in one place, create events on a shared calendar, send mass emails and text messages, conduct real-time polls, and more.

Wiggio is completely free to use and offers each user and unlimited amount of space. You can check it out at http://www.wiggio.com.

Pam says

I did not realize there were so many online collaboration tools. It helps to have some of them listed in one place with a brief description of how they work. Thanks.

Tracy says

Excellent post.Yes recently I found one such free tool http://www.oogwave.com I am using it and it works fine for me. It some what very simple and easy to use. That’s all I can say.

Lucy says

We got Dooster some months ago and were given the option of a free trial period which was an incentive. We like it a lot and the customer service has been good. Our systems are working better now which is nice – less nervy. I think collaboration software is worth using to make your life easier if you’ve people working remotely or flying in and out of the office.

Steven says

Here is another one, Ooogwave. (https://www.oogwave.com)

Has anyone tried or using it !
Can someone share insights or their comments.

Online Collaboration Tools says

[…] tools to try and take Danielle’s business to the next level. I just came across a great list of online collaboration tools at Mission to Learn. There are about 4 that I am looking at now…most allow you to have […]

Casey Armstrong says

I have been using Pivotal Tracker (https://www.pivotaltracker.com) along with Mavenlink above. Depends on what type of projects you need to collaborate on: software dev vs. standard projects. Great list though.

Ken Lin says

Definitely a good read. Another collaboration tool that’s been really useful for me is mavenlink (https://www.mavenlink.com) great interface, super user friendly.

OffBureau says

Great article. Another for your list is OffBureau, an online workspace (https://www.offbureau.com)

Kevin says

Great article!

Sydney Show says

Our small business company has deployed a collaboration tool from Workforcetrack and you can check this software out.

CloudShare - Online Collaboration Tool says

Another one for your list is CloudShare’s IT collaboration tool – https://www.cloudshare.com/Products/Products-Overview.aspx.

This can be used for testing and demos of your entire IT systems and enterprise applications such as SharePoint 2010.

Ana says


There is free basic plan at web-based online collaboration tool http://www.projektino.com, which allows you to create projects, create tasks within the project, assign tasks to people, set due dates for tasks and the project itself and there is a place to write notes back and forth about the project. It will be soon sync with Google docs as well as Google calendar.

Vincent says

one more thing… Windows Live Group also has a calendar integrate with to-do lists… quite handy for tracking projects…
And it can even be integrated in your Outlook calendar (using different color codes for different calenders) or in the Windows Live Mail client…

Vincent says

Why is the Windows Live platform not listed here?
It provides 25Go of online storage, allows you to create a working group, integrates in Messenger for communications, uses Hotmail as email solution, each Hotmail account has access to Office WebApps (based on Office 2010) and it is very easy to limit the access to only the people who need to access the group/files/info.
Best of it all: it’s 100% FREE!

I’ve used it several times and it works very smoothly and everything is interconnected/integrated… Have a look at https://explore.live.com and give it a try creating your own group on https://groups.live.com.
It’s worth a try, secured; provides productivity, communication and collaboration tools; and it’s very easy to use! What else to ask for?

Vinay says

Adding to the list…Contrich ( https://www.contrich.com )…it is an online collaboration tool for Content Teams in a typical web application development environment. It has features like inline content editing, content review, automatic page verification and much more which can tremendously enhance productivity. Checkout the short video tutorial on the homepage.

Mike says

so good to have some cool apps for free! you can add to the list yet another nice tool that was released by C2 last month:
am currently using it to share my outlooks calendars with my co-worker, very useful!

Albert says

RHUB is desktop sharing appliance that can be used for online meetings, web conferences, presentations, remote support, and other collaborative efforts. Pay a visit to https://www.rhubcom.com.

Janine says

I am currently using Dooster for FREE It’s a super online collaboration tool: http://www.dooster.net

Online Collaboration Manager says

Teambox is the ultimate collaboration tool for everything from task management to file storage and content editing. It has a facebook/twitter like activity stream and @notification system combined with the power of online conversations and project management.

It is completely free for up to three projects so small teams can use it without any expense. There is also a free open source edition.

Albert says

I use Box.net and iDrafts.net to collaborate online with business partners. I find iDrafts particularly good if I’m working on bigger documents and require document services.

Project management girl says

Hello! You forgot to mention Teambox..you get 3 free projects and it’s similar to Basecamp but with a twitter-like platform to send direct messages. It’s easy and fun to use, i really recommend it. Great for managing tasks amongst different people and projects.


Clarence says

Welcome your review of our new free online collaboration platform SambaJAM

It’s powerful. Lets users sign up for free. Each user can create a workspace and invite other free users to join them. Provides rich document management, online collaborative editing of office documents, preview docs, video and images online, share and organise tasks and includes microblogging and profile pages. All you need to collaborate effectively online when working remotely.

iManageProject says


Great article. One more application for your list:


Online Collaboration & Communication Tools « A Cyberpilgrim's Blog says

[…] are now available to us, it just takes time to explore and to see what works best for us. Here is another list of tools that you may find […]

Kimberly Teddy says

I enjoy looking through and I think this website got some really utilitarian stuff on it! .

Tessa says

Thanks for sharing those right tools.

I have came across this free project planning software ( https://www.planningforce-express.com/free-planning-software.php ). It seems fine, so I,m sharing this here.

Hope it would be helpful 🙂

Jim Williams says

We have been using LumoFlow (www.lumoflow.com) and have been extremely satisfied. Using LumoFlow for connecting both our internal teams (who are spread globally) and our customers in to one workspace. So far the most straightforward solution I have come across.

Ann Royston says

Like Peter Inchley above, we use Ice3.

As a global construction consultancy, we wanted something that would cope with the fact that we have people working in different timezones. That means it must have multitimezone support builtin, and it must cope with sharing files across large distances. Although as a business we use english, it would be an advantage if the system was multilingual.

Ice3 ticked all these boxes and it has proved invaluable in helping us share information, build communities of knowledge and experience, and work more efficiently despite the large distances.

There are lots of different solutions out there, and Ice3 doesn’t have every feature under the sun, so make sure you know what you ‘need’. It has worked well for us, and our people use it everyday so I do recommend it.

Jim says

I like the article and I believe these collaboration tools make a lot of sense. However, I have found that many of the tools are broad and generic. When collaborating with clients and prospects, I found that DRE Software, Inc. (www.dresoftware.com) is best for our purpose. We also use the tool to collaborate internally. I love the idea that their prices allow us to create unlimited collaborative spaces, host an unlimited number of online meetings, and there is no data storage limit. Overall a great tool from a young company.

Lorie Vela says

Hi!, congrats on your list, it’s very accurate. I have also made a list, maybe we can collaborate and share in order to update the best tools for collaboration and management.


Thanks and best regards
Lorie Vela

MarketDojo says

We use Mikogo at our company, Market Dojo, and it works brilliantly, saving us a lot of time and money from travel. I only hope that our b2b e-auction software works half as well!

Collaboration Tools | think4teachers.com says

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Holly B says

Check out http://www.fmyi.com – teams of two up to thousands use FMYI to collaborate securely while meeting sustainability standards. FMYI is getting nods for its growth: https://www.fmyi.com/blog/single/175

Robert Brown says

@ Dan Raban —I have been using https://www.binfire.com for the past week. It has nice features, offers for free most of what basecamp offers for a fee. The 10GB free online project folder and easy to use tasks and milestones (much better than basecamp) are nice, but the whiteboard (really a message broad-smae as basecamp) and lack of group chat limits true collaboration. All and all for a free app, it is very nice!

Matt says

FYI – another (but brand spanking new) tool has recently been released at Odysen, there’s a blog for new features and use cases at https://blog.odysen.com/. Basically it integrates nine commonly used applications into easy to use folders that you can organize and share however you want. The applications include projects, documents, notes, calendar, news, websites, start pages, and updates.

Dan Raban says

Binfire has released a new version which is targeting project management and collaboration. In addition to tasks & milestones, whiteboard, project status tweets it include a project folder with 10GB online storage, all free!
Try https://www.binfire.om . It is a great tool for project management &collaboration!

Peter Inchley says

You might want to look at Ice3 Online Collaboration (ice-cubed).


We use it as a client portal – we have found that the fact that there are unlimited Work Spaces means we can service more customers at the same time.

Our customers don’t have any interaction with each other – they can’t see or access any of the other Work Spaces, and we can add new ones whenever we need.

This has improved our productivity. We are delighted.


jacky says

I agree with one comment above, I have not heard of most of the above sites. I work for http://www.drivehq.com, one of the first few cloud storage, sharing, collaboration and cloud IT solution providers with million subscribers, tens of thousands of business customers. DriveHQ offers excellent remote sharing and collaboration service. You can use our service on any number of PCs; you can upgrade to a group account service for free and then create / edit / delete / disable sub-users. you can share different folders to different users / sub-groups with different permissions; you can share the same folders to the different users / sub-groups with different permissions. More over, DriveHQ supports file versioning, which is very useful in case of group sharing and collaboration.

http://www.DriveHQ.com is now offering the version 5.0 Cloud Storage and Cloud IT Solution. It can replace your file server, FTP server, email server, backup system, remote sharing and collaboration system, etc. There are no cons to our service as companies maintain control of their data; employees can continue using existing software, while at the same time be able to remotely access, share, backup and collaborate online.

For more info, please visit: https://www.drivehq.com/. DriveHQ basic service is free.


Heckner says

perhaps you want to take a look at http://www.agreedo.com?

Deepak says

Thanks…this is exactly what im looking for.YOu made my day

PresentAll says

Have you checked out PresentAll – web video conferencing service for colaboration ?

Drop by https://presentall.com/about/overview/ for more info. Or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

wbr, Vad
PresentAll Team

Andrew says

Have you seen the new Docs.com? I think it has great potential, because it has native MS Office support as well as Facebook integration! Check out this brief writeup comparison of online collaboration tools.

Jeff Cobb says

Richard and Soumya – Many thanks. These are great additions. – Jeff

Richard Moreham says

A friend just sent me this MindMeister MindMap with what surely must be nearly every piece of collaboration software out there classified by type: https://www.mindmeister.com/12213323/best-online-collaboration-tools-2010-robin-good-s-collaborative-map

Soumya says

Inc.com recently published an evaluation of collaboration tools. https://www.inc.com/magazine/20100401/the-best-collaboration-tools.html . It is a great list. I would add dropbox – http://www.dropbox.com (for file sharing), and Sococo’s team space – http://www.sococo.com (for collaboration).

Alessandro says

Another one to add to the list is https://www.sambajam.com

It’s free and has the wickedest interface for document management. Drag and drop, thumbnails, zoho integration, workflow, and more! Not to mention is also offers Wikis, Discussions, a basic Calendar with iCal integration…. and… oh yeah, dashboards and profiles…

HG Levinson says

Looks like you left Intuit Spheres off the list: http://www.intuitspheres. It is a new product I’ve been using lately, and I’m really digging it. Plus, it’s free! Hah!

Did you see … 15 Free Online Collab Tools « ITasITis says

[…] • 15 Free Online Collaboration Tools, guest post by Karen Schweitzer, Mission to Learn, 12 Aug 2009 • Can Web 2.0 run your Business?, ITasITis, 28 Jan 2010 […]

PM Hut says

Being a Project Manager and running a Project Management website for 4 years now, I find it odd that I have not heard of a single tool on the list before.

I have to state 2 things:

– Companies prefer paid over non-paid PM tools, as the former provide support.
– They all function the same (it seems that they all use the same engine), but then again, so are the paid tools.

I’ve published an article on the ideal PM tool ( https://www.pmhut.com/what-would-an-ideal-project-management-tool-look-like ) , although written by the CEO of a PM tool, I think it offers an objective view of what a PM (collaboration) tool should really look like.

Thanks for sharing.

Dan says

For implementing GTD on a team you can use this web-based application:


You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
A mobile version is available too.

Yael says

Nice list! Some of them I have to say I use personally.
There is also a new service https://TicTacDo.com – the social way for personal productivity, with a database of almost 20,000 ready-to-use checklists.

ToolBlog » Werkzeuge zur Zusammenarbeit says

[…] 15 Free Online Collaboration Tools and Apps […]

david Robins says

I am amazed this page still gets good comments after 1 1/2 year! Obviously there is great need for collaboration tools. The latest version of https://www.binfire.com has improved collaboration tools and the service is free!

Laurel says

Thank you for the nice list. Onehub has a free edition as well.
If you are looking for a fully customizable virtual workspace for online collaboration, file sharing and project management check out https://onehub.com. File library, shared calendar, team discussion, tasks list, wiki, and more.

Bart says

If you want a structured colaboration , you should check out http://www.semmels.com
It allows you to define the structure, so it can be used for a variety of projects.
It also allows you to change the structure as the project evolves.
This structured approach becomes especially handy if you want to colaborate with a larger group of people.

Nikita says

Nice to see mikogo getting some love…though I still don’t know what that name is supposed to mean. You should give Proxy Networks a look the next time you do one of these. They have great remote desktop software that I feel rivals mikogo point for point.

Pankaj from HyperOffice Collaboration Software says

You might want to look at our HyperOffice Collaboration Suite. It’s amongst the oldest companies in SaaS and collaboration since 1998, and brings the most comprehesive toolkit (email, project management, workspaces, document management, calendars, contacts, online meetings, web forms, workflows, forums etc).

Proposal Guy says

KeepandShare looks awsome, thats a nice tool for free. I also liked EditGrid its a little like ZOHO
Anyway Great info!


Fern says

Nice list! Please also try WizeHive. You can share files, manage projects, track activity and collaborate with others in secure, private workspaces while communicating with WizeHive via email or Twitter. The task management features really stand out, and it’s free for one workspace with unlimited invited guests.

twitter – wizehive

Richard Moreham says

Great list. Thanks!
This site offers real-time synchronous editing a la Google Wave (text only at this stage though): https://etherpad.com/

david Robins says

The latest release of https://www.binfire.com has really nice collaboration tools including group folder, permissions, file version & access to any file version, notification (if a file is modified), online chat, file lock and easy multiple files upload.

Andy Moles says

Fantastic List jtcobb!
Taroby http://www.taroby.com is another web based collaboration suite which helps teams to share email accounts within the team. Taroby is an excellent Collaboration and Task management suite for teams with features like unified communications. Do check it out.
Regards, Andy.

Online Collaboration Tools -> -> Jason Golod Blogs says

[…] tools to try and take Danielle’s business to the next level. I just came across a great list of online collaboration tools at Mission to Learn. There are about 4 that I am looking at now…most allow you to have […]

sneha says

Good article jtcobb . Have you tried out Injoos Teamware. I would reckon that they have the most comprehensive integrated collaboration platform. With their latest release they have added a new twist to track and execute projects “the social way”. Checkout their Blog https://injoos.com/blog/2009/10/09/seamless-collaboration-with-release-35/

aaronwng4 says

Personally, I started to use Ubidesk. It provides all-in-one services for all the functions above including calendar, task and timeline management, file & document share. It also supports unlimited number of projects.

14 Treasures Discovered | Easy Marketing Workshops says

[…] 5. Online Collaboration Tools […]

Zusammenarbeit online : Schröttle’s Datenfunk says

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Tanya Karchevskaya says

You can also check tool for collaboration online.
It’s really great and useful.

binfire says

Check also http://www.binfire.com. It offers free collaboration tools plus unlimted file hosting for free!

Pablo says

There are free project management tools like http://www.Teambox.com, you can use them for free online with no restrictions and they’re also available on open-source.

Kate says

What are your thoughts on Office Live Workspace? 5GB of space for free and the ability to share your docs with others makes for convenient online collaboration!

MSFT Office Live Outreach Team

Andrew Donnelly, Mikogo Web Conferencing says

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for including Mikogo in your list of collaboration apps. Great to see that you’ve been enjoying Mikogo’s ease of use 🙂
We’re following you now on Twitter! Feel free to follow back to hear about all the latest development and news via our tweets.


Andrew Donnelly
The Mikogo Team
Twitter: @Mikogo

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Jeff Cobb says

Arturas and Priyanka – Thanks! We will take a look at comindwork.com and DeskAway. – Jeff

Jeff Cobb says

Phill – Thanks for pointing out Yuuguu. Was not familiar with that and am looking forward to taking a look.

Eduardo – I’ve actually used Dropbox some and plan to start using it more, as it makes it easy to move between different machines, which I sometimes need to do. Thanks for mentioning it.


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Priyanka D says

Would also like to add DeskAway. We are a project management and collaboration tool with a basic plan that is free. It allows 3 projects and 5 users.

Arturas says

Another cool free tool to consider is https://www.comindwork.com, it is an all in one collaboration and project management tool.

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Eduardo Baldan says

Dropbox is a powerful tool for exchanging files.
It works like a charm. You just have to install it and use with explorer, nautilus or mac browser.
I really recommend this – https://www.getdropbox.com/

tabiji says

I hadn’t heard of most of these sites yet. Thanks.

Phill Coleman says

(Disclaimer, I’m on the dev team!)

Yuuguu is another free online collaboration tool. It allows cross-platform screen sharing and remote control. It integrates with all the major IM networks as well as Skype so you can collaborate with your existing contacts.

Regards, Phill.

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